Top Grammar (CD-ROM only)

Top Grammar is a grammar reference book for students of English from elementary level A1 to Upper-intermediate B2. It is comprehensive, clear, flexible and easy to use. The material is ideal for individual study, for use in class or for exam preparation. Top Grammar offers the student clear grammar explanations with examples and more than 900 exercises. Each of the 132 units is clearly laid out, with grammar rules on the left and exercises on the right. Each unit, as well as a grammar focus, covers a specific lexical area. At the end of each of the 252 sections, there is a two-page Review with revision exercises. There are also 14 sections of exam exercises that prepare the student for PET and FCE exams. Top Grammar components: *Student's Book *CD-ROM - with 300 extra exercises and pronunciation, vocabulary and dictation practice *Teacher's Book with -teaching tips for using Top Grammar at home and in the class -25 tests, one for each grammar section -Answer key to all the exercises and tests Answer key also available as a separate booklet. (This text refers to the set of materials; here the post is available for the CD-ROM only)

To run the software (best runs on WinXP):

1) Unrar the program folder

2) Click on the index.htm file

3) The software starts... enjoy...

File size: 39.26 mb
File type: rar'ed program folder


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