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The Christmas eve morning with 1987 story

I know this's an early morning that i write the story.
To day I wish to write a story between us.
The nice friendship story for me.
I begin on that day, the day that i saw your e-mail & read your story.
1987 is that number. I surprise that you are a nice friend.
i'm happy until now and wish someday we can met.
you know you are a good one. you are strong, nice and kind.
you such a sweet girl with warm heart.

i don't know you will see this story or not.
If you will i don't know you will think who is would be in this story.
i don't know i just wanna write a good thing down.
it's more than a word can tell.

i wish the best thing will come to you and also your family and people that surround you. sometime when you hardly to decide some bad thing make you felt down. I would let you know that i will beside of you.
no matter we are in different places.

เธอคนนั้นจะรู้บ้างมั้ยว่ามีใครเขียนถึง ขอบคุณสำหรับมิตรภาพดีดี

friend is alway something that can't live without them.

key word : ปริศนาคริสมาสต์อีฟ?

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