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Hua Hin Attraction

Hua Hin Attraction

Hua Hin is a popular beach resort town and a great weekend getaway destination for residents in Bangkok. In former times, royalty gathered here, and there is still a flair of grandeur to its wide Hua Hin beaches. The area generally attracts families and older visitors, but there are young couples as well. Excellent for quiet relaxation, strolling around the fishing docks, a leisurely round of golf, riding ponies on the beach, or just sitting in a beach chair. Several international-class Hua Hin hotels and golf courses can be found around town.

By Road, Hua Hin is about 165 km from Bangkok. Take the Highway 35 to Cha-Am. From Cha-Am to Hua-Hin, a further 25 km by Highway 4, daily coach services between Bangkok and Cha-Am & Hua-Hin are available from Bangkok Southern Bus terminal. By rail, daily trains leave Bangkok for Cha-Am & Hua-Hin. Hua-Hin in Prachuabkirikhan Province and Cha-Am in Petchburi are two popular seaside resorts to the south of Bangkok. Despite their locations on different provinces, it takes about 20 minutes drive to travel between them. Most Thais often mention them together. Hua-Hin is in fact the oldest beach resort of the country and is still as popular as ever. The construction of a railway station here in the reign of King Rama VI (1910-1925) and a summer palace of King Rama VII in 1926 transformed a quiet fishing village into the resort town popular among those from high society.

When Hua-Hin was booming, Cha-Am was just unknown to the outsiders. But when people of high ranks sought a new place for relaxation, Cha-Am's beauty was discovered and the place was quickly developed. Today Hua-Hin and Cha-Am are still among Thailand's favorite tourist's attraction. The twin resorts together with their nearby attractions are introduced below.

Hua-Hin's attractions : Hua-Hin Beach is a tranquil 5-km white sand beach stretching from a rocky headland to its southern end where Buddhist temples cling to the cliffs. Families and tourists frequent the seaside resort. With full facilities and its proximity to the entertainment center in town, the beach is lined with a wide selection of accommodation ranging from hotels to bungalows. Hua-Hin offers great opportunities for swimming and relaxing in peace as well as the special activity of horse riding. Bicycles are available for rent. The beachside areas are also a popular dining venue.

Hua-Hin Railway Station : Built in the reign of Rama VI (1910-1925), this railway station is in the form of two magnificent and white pavilions, one of which is exclusively used by royalty visiting Hua-Hin. Klai Kangwon Palace or the Summer Palace has the name that means far from worry. Built in 1926 in Spanish Style overlooking the sea, the palace is opened to the public as long as the Royal Family are not in residence.

Khao Takiab : ‘chopstick hill’ beach is 7 kilometers south of Hua Hin. The hill is famous for its hilltop temple and monkeys that live near temples. The best spot of this beach is located behind the hill where there are big expanses of beach and calm shallow waters ideal for children. You can take motorcycle taxi or local bus to Khao Takiab from Hua Hin’s town centre.

Pa-La-U Waterfall : Nearly 70-km from town, comprise two waterfalls with a total of 11 leaps in the setting of an evergreen forest. Some leaps can be reached by a trekking trail. Various kinds of birds and colorful butterflies are found here.

Cha-Am's attractions Cha-Am Beach : Just as beautiful as the nearby Hua-Hin, Cha-Am is the Number one beach resort of the Petchburi Province. Located 41-km to the south of the provincial town, the Casuarina-lined beach is long and clean. The sea is suitable for swimming. Tourists can enjoy several water sports like scooter riding, water skiing, banana boats riding and jet skiing. Riding a bicycle along the 6-km road running in parallel with the beach is a charming activity of Cha-Am. Beachside grilled seafood, snacks and drinks are available.

Maruekha-thayawan Palace : This palace, located on the coast between Cha-Am and Hua-Hin, was King Rama VI's seaside summer palace comprising three two-story wooden buildings connected to each other by elevated airy walkways. Common people are welcome to visit the palace.


Huai Sai Wildlife Breeding Center : Located 15-km from Cha-Am Beach was royally initiated. It is where animal conservation and breeding projects are conducted. There is a zoo here open to the public.

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