C.aurea (dowiana var. aurea)-cattleya collection(painting)
Cattleya aurea (dowiana var. aurea)
Colombia. Discovered by Gustav Wallis in 1868, near the town of Frantino, it has been considered a distinct species because of the geographical separation of the two forms.

Similar in plant characters to *C.dowiana, but the petals and sepals are deeper yellow, with richer golden veins more irregularly distributed on the lip. More free-flowering and striking in its coloration, the variety aurea has been used extensively in hybridizing.

*Cattleya dowiana: Costa Rica. Originally discovered by Warscewicz about the year 1850.
Sepals and petals nankeen-yellow; middle lobe of lip broad and spreading, with velvety texture, rich crimson-purple streaked with golden veins radiating from the center, three heavier golden veins passing longitudinally from the base to the apex.

The original collections were lost and it was not until 1865 that Mr. Arce, a native naturalist, rediscovered it, sending plants to Mr. G. Ure Skinner by way of a Captain Dow for whom it was named by Mr. Bateman in the GARDENERS' CHRONICLE in 1866.

The flowers are from five to seven inches across, usually two but up to seven on a cluster. Becoming scarce in its restricted habit, it is seldom grown, the variety aurea being favored.


watercolour, 28x38 cms 300 gsm paper.
cattleya collection 5/103

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