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Day 3, July 23, 2007

I am writing this on July 30, 2008, more than one year of the entire journey.

It was written in my notebook on July 23, 2007 that

This is my miserable trip I ever had.
The first day was OK. I was happy. But after spent a day with the group, I realize that I do not deserve to be in this group or may be the group should be only for two..

I look back and read it over. Whatever happened, its over and I wont regret. I leant a lot from the trip.

That morning, we started our day early as we wanted to visit an auction fresh market at Tsukiji. We missed it! But the market was really fascinated. I always fond of cooking & baking, so visiting this place is one of my goals in my JP trip.

Late morning, we continued our visit to Odaiba.

Odaiba is a man-made island. Its quite far and we spent a lot for a travelling fare, especially converted to Thai Baht.

The place has no soul. I feel its a waste of time there. What I love most would be an automatic train without driver that took us to Odaiba. I have never seen anything like this before. Its new thing for me.

To be continued..


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Day 2, July 22, 2007

When its time, its time.
I dont wanna waste yours or mine.
There is no point in thinking how bad the consequence was.
It happened, all happened.



Its my habit to wake up early as I wanted to finish my private before everyone else.
Besides, KSs house has only each female/male bathroom & toilet per floor. Despite the limited of number of rooms, I find it clean & functional.

It was rain that morning and we had schedule to check out from KS to Sakura hotel. While waiting for friends, I had a time to search around the corner & living room of KS. Though, its small but cozy.

We all had an instant noodle bought from 7-Eleven yesterday for breakfast. One cup cost around 110 Y 260 Y.

We cant wait till the rain stop as time limited. We walk from KS to Sakura hotel. It is quite far but we were OK walking in a shower rain. The rain stopped before we reached Sakura.

We check in and find Sakura dormitory quite busy but we get 4 beds-dorm., so its ok. The most very best thing I like at Sakura is that there is enough restroom for guest and it is clean.

We take a train to Yokohama, visiting Ramen museum. I am considering this place as a show house. There is nothing real and it would be disappointed if there are no ramen served there.

After that we spent a few minute in the book shop and I wish I could read Japanese so that Id buy books. There are so many cookbook I like to have. But its just bad that I cant read Japanese.

We take a train to Yokohama Town & ride a ferris wheel to enjoy the view of Yokohama. I remember that is was so hot inside the wheel but I love the joy I shared with friends. I can still hear the laugh.


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Day 1, July 20-21, 2007

It took me a year to come back and start writing this story.
Things were still clear & here it goes


Late night flight on July 20, 2007 brought four of us to Narita airport, in Tokyo in the next day.
It was a peace airport our flight was landed that early morning.
We were not in hurry and took our time to wash & brush.
Until we walked to the immigration to find out that we shouldnt stopped in the restroom that long as the queues were line long.

We were laughing while waiting to be checked & migrated to Tokyo.
It was fun and that could be the only fun I remembered from my trip -_-!

Once we out from the immigration we headed to JP rail pass office to activate our pass and took an express train to town (without using our JP rail pass, we just wanted to save it for a longer trip).

I remember that we took a train about 170 Yen. At first, I have no idea how the system work and I just left the gate without taking back my ticket. So, kindda pissed me of when someone was stood there and laugh at me. All of this was jus the beginning.
The trip was still long and there were so much more to see. Just forget it and have fun :)

I could not remember exactly how long it took to reach our hotel, KS House backpacker. An hour / 2 hour....!!!

It was located not far from Asakusa.
We got a 4-bed room and it fitted our need, though it tiny.


my green notebook was written :-
"like this whole world is only for two
why should I join this sweetest moment with you
that's becoz of friend..."
I try to forget what is my written mean!!!

1st Day :-
Tokyo Tower (surrounded area)


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I'll move on...........

Lyrics by Olivia Ong

This road that / I'm taking/ Twists and turns

この道を 私は歩く 曲がりくねってる

My life / my chance / turning dreams into reality

それが私の人生 私のチャンス 夢を現実に変えていくの

Down this path / Faced with so many things

この小道は 向き合っている いろんなことに

Sometimes I feel like giving up ond turn away


Can't seem to go on   踏み出せないでいるの

And I've been thru' this before   そんなの前にもあったわ

Now where am I ? Where do I stand ? A little lost here


But I'll remember でも 覚えているわ

All those times you've bought me thru'

そして あなたに与えられた時間

I'd be a fool to give up cos' the goal is near

諦めたら馬鹿だと思うわ だってゴールはすぐそこに

I'll move on , I'll go on 私は歩む 私は行くわ

Lord I will take your hand 主よ あなたの手をとって

And you will guide me along あなたは私を導いてくれる

Survive thru' this storm この嵐の中を

So I say , come what may だから何があろうと

I'll hold on to my hope 私は希望を手放さずに

Yes , I will walk down this road 私はこの道を進んでいく

And my passion drive will lead me on そしてこの情熱が私を導いていく

Here I am / Once again / Cought in the rain

そして今 私は再び 雨につかまって

Loooking back / I've come so far / And I want to carry on

振り返れば ここまでやってきた このまま続けたい

Take a step / A little time / It's alright

一歩づつ 踏み出すの 大丈夫よ

Even thru' this rain , I want to smile again

この雨の中でも もう一度笑いたい

Don't hold back now もうためらわない

And I've been thru' this before 前にもあったことだわ

Now where am I ? Where do I stand ? A little lost here


But I'll remember でも覚えているわ

All those times you've bought me thru'


I can feel the sun shining down on me


Here I am , Here I am 私はここ、ここにいます

Load I will take your hand 主よ あなたの手をとって

And you will guide me along あなたは私を導いてくれる

Survive thru' this storm この嵐の中を

So I say , come what may だから何があろうと

I'll hold on to my hope 希望を手放さずに

Yes, I will walk down this road この道を歩んでいく

And my passion

drive will lead me on そしてこの情熱が私を導いていく


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