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Let's go to Bournemouth!

On Saturday, i had appointment with my Korean friends, Anna, Linda & Yun. But i did mistake, i was late so we had to wait for next bus for 1 hour >.< I'm so sorry, friends

So we waited at the bus station ( it is near by railway station so i took some pictures of Swanage Railway Station)

Let's go to the train! Buun Buun!

But today we will go to Bournemouth by Wilts&Dorset Bus!
1 turn = 4.5 pounds
Round Trip is only 6 pounds!!!

On the bus!

Monkey in the picture!

Yeah! We are in Bournemouth

First shop! Top Shop

Mc Donalt is there. and we went to their toilet. ieieie

Nice weather at the nice park

It's a time of sunset...

Waiting @ Bus Stop because, it is the last time to go back to Swanage, 6P.M.

Bye Bye nice Bournemouth

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