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The carving with a saw could be a method quite totally different from the opposite kinds of wood carving. Wood carvers United Nations agency produce works of art with a saw sometimes carve statues of tree trunks or larger blocks of worked wood. a number of the foremost standard formats square measure wild animals or yank Indian figures. Bears seem in several Native yank stories and square measure the proper subject for carving a saw.

Decide which sort of wood you wish to use. you'll be able to purchase massive blocks of maple, walnut or redwood already worked, otherwise you might want to use an oversized stump. Any style of wood can work, however since the saw is thus powerful, it's higher to remain with more durable woods.

Use your saw for all rough cuts. Work with a reference icon whereas cutting the items of wood to urge the final form of your bear. add sections, forming your bear’s body, arms, legs and head. Cut tiny items to avoid removing an excessive amount of wood at constant time.

Use a large chisel and a rubber mallet to feature a definition to your rough bear size. beat in the contour cutting with a saw. The chisel is simpler to manage and can enable you to refine the form of your bear.

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