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Actually, I don't know how to make anyblog

She advice me to do a blog
Blogs are very useful to have the other info'

Since I met her (she's so cute and nice mind)
Becuse I don't know soon she will hate me or not...
In the future, we don't know anything will happening

So, for now I love her like younger sister..
Even I can advise, I did..

In real life will be goes on
Anyway, I talked about future as will happening..

We suppose but we could expect too

Try to do the best..

Create Date : 29 กันยายน 2551
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l-o-v-e -l-o-v-e -l-o-v-e

โดย: bo (bow_relax ) วันที่: 19 ตุลาคม 2551 เวลา:14:17:52 น.  

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