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It's 5:40 PM at empty office

It is almost 6 O'clock. I am still at office trying to act like I am working hard. Most task were cleaned up since early afternoon so it is actually a pleasant evening.

I am listening to iTunes radio, quite a new toy for tech laggard as myself. I am checking the radio program from Japan. They are playing a non-stop anime music piece which is amazingly remarkable good. Various types of music are consolidated together into this non-stop version that bring me to different era of Japanes anime.

Now, It is neo-opera with full-scale choral and brass section. It was techno-punk rock at 5 minutes ago. Before that it was ambient / enchant piece. Remarkable.

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Hello mann,
This is Mah-Kom. I have just had a chance to visit your blog and your photo album. Seem like you have had a good trip in Canada.
It is quite surprise me that my friend write some blog ..... even he was one of the most "artist" in our group. However, the story is good to read wa (unless "Letter from Miner").
Will you plan for a baby soon? Art's dauther is healthy and heavy (3200+). My baby son will see the world in around end of May.
I am quite busy right now. Office work plus some more learning in finance and law take away my free time. I will fly to Shanghai this Sunday for company meeting. It's my first time there.
Actually I do not like to leave Thailand in this situation. Several concern especially political are raise. Tempo an tention are too high now. Hope that we will not get "Black Feburary".

Have a good day woaow! Need to get bacl to work and stock board now.

PS: please pass my "Hello" to your wife too.

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