Chinese New Year 2008

This trip to Singapore on Chinese New Year cost me 9,000 baht after changing the air ticket 2 times by JetStar (3K512, 9.15am on 6 Feb 2008).

After reaching Changi Airport, and finish with all the immigration procedure. I proceed to change 1,000 Thai Baht to S$42.25 (S$1 = 23.66 Baht). I took a taxi from Changi Airport to Jurong West St. 74 via PIE and exit by Coporation Road. The taxi trip cost me $26.50

*WOW*... that expensive to me but it's not for here i think... and it was 12.55pm....

*PHEW*... I am dead I was preparing all the stuffs to get ready for the Chinese New Year...

Guess what I brought from Thailand.... Fish skin, Red Dates, many type of sauces, and not forgetting "MR. DONUT" that is not found in Singapore anymore....

...HUHUHU.... upon reaching... I saw many red decorations all around... and I recalled I am here for Chinese New Year..

The first thing after wake up on 1st day of Chinese New Year is preparing Hong Bao....Hong Bao here looks better than Thailand?? And the customs here is married couple have to start giving Hong Bao to the younger generations and don't receive any more Hong Bao.

...I don't wish to count how many Hong Baos I have given out already because my heart will hurt.... even though there is only $4 in each Hong Bao... Hehehe...(How Stingy I am)

...Beside giving to the younger generations, We have to give to Parents and

Spot check everything is ready for the Chinese New Year on the 1st day morning... Food and Snacks for Guests, Deco are new and shiny....most interestingly the family
theme for this year is ...... See for yourself in the picture!!! (There is a Clue if you have a look at Picture Carefully)

..Hey, Guest had come now!!.....

Time for us to give Hong Bao
...Everyone is saying GONG XI FA CAI to everybody, making the house full of fun
and laughter.

As for us, everyone is wishing us to
have a baby soon... ZHAO SHENG GUI ZI

OOpppsss they did it again...
Always see the 3 girls in the pictures, always trying to get their pictures on the camera

*Wow......while the 3 shy guys always trying to block themselves from the camera lens. Wonder they dislike me or the camera?? hmm.....

*Aiya... look at the table... how come all the adults are crowding around the table?? They seems to be more greedy than the youngsters!!!

***** They are here for a couple of hours in our house and move on to other relative house in a day. This cycle keep going and going on for the next few days!!!

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