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1st. Field Trip

Ratchasuda College

The first field trip, I went to Ratchasuda college for learn about their education system and organization. After teacher introduce in the class, she led me to walk around the college.

Ratchasuda College is a college of higher education for disabled adults in Thailand, such as deaf and blind. The blind study only in a master degree because the method is harder than the deaf. In this college have many researches for deaf and other disabilities. The college has the budget to their students and free for tuition fees. The subject that their students study is similar with general subject such as English, history, art etc.

. These pictures show the Thai practical signs.

There are many subjects for the deaf such as English, history, art, etc. Especially the art, that I am interesting. I think the deaf can use their ability for future Job. I really interest the art room and like the products that they made.

Some products for sell. I saw that on these products have the logo of Mahidol University.

And some products didn't finish yet.

My impression of this Field Trip was new thinking and new understanding for their students. I think thier students really try to study many subjects. When I saw their students, the deaf, they were cute and friendly. Smiling on their faces and good welcome made me like them.

Link to Ratchasuda college =>>


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The school does not teach Deaf students sign. Deaf students come to the school with their own language. Thai sign language is the language of deaf people in Thailand, and deaf university students do not need to be taught to sign.

A good place to read about this is:

Thank you for your blog.

Dr. Gene Bourquin
visiting lecturer at Ratchasuda College

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I'm so sorry for my wrong imformation and thank you for your imformation. I'll improve my blog.

โดย: muutoonmaii วันที่: 6 สิงหาคม 2554 เวลา:22:24:47 น.  

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