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How to Convert Your Boat to LED Lighting

You've considered running the genset (noisy) more, another solar
panel (somewhat pricey), or are maybe even ponying up the benjamins for a
wind generator (very pricey and somewhat noisy). It's not as though you
need a lot of power you tell yourself. All you want to achieve is more
time cruising and less time at the dock or running the genset. Before
you jump in, I have a more cost effective solution for you. Enter the
boat LED.

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. They are an
electronic device that generates light and the technology has finally
matured enough to make them bright enough, the right color (early white
ones were very bluish in their light emission), extremely energy
efficient, and quite long lived.

The intensity of light from LEDs is now surpassing incandescent and halogen bulbs.

colors available are varied but they can now be had in a color referred
to as "warm white". This is a reference to the light color, which tends
to be a warmer golden color, rather than the old blue white.

consumption is frequently measured in milliamps. At 12 volts, a 1.3w
LED cluster is drawing approximately 110ma. Figure the average CFL bulb
draws about ten times that amount but the LED is generally free of or
contains very minimal amounts of mercury (look for an RoHS

Expected service life is even more interesting. A
decent LED should have a minimum service life of 50,000 hours. If you
left the light on that translates to almost eight and a half years on
constant duty. This means it will be ultra rare that they will need
changing. This is especially nice if you have to climb to replace them.

how do you replace the lighting on your boat with them? One way would
be to replace all the fixtures on your boat with dedicated LED fixtures
but the price adds up very quickly and, contrary to what current
marketing may like, you may actually like your current fixtures. The
simple method is to simply replace the existing light bulbs with LED
equivalents. If you have housings that use a G4 halogen bulb for
instance, you have lots of options for G4 LED replacements. You'll only
be limited by the space for the bulb and how bright you want it. Pull
the halogen out, plug in the LED G4 marine led replacement, repeat as
necessary with the other housings and you're done. It really is that
simple. Sure beats wiring another solar panel or wind generator doesn't

Other bulb options exist, not just G4 LEDs. The 1156 LED, 1157
LED, and a number of others are available. The toughest part will be
for those rare cases where a 32v electrical system exists (some of the
larger early Chris Crafts are an example). 32v is too high for most the
8-30v LEDs and too low for the 120v LEDs. 24v systems can use the same
LEDs that 12v systems do, in most cases.

Quality varies, but even
most the stuff coming out of China now is ever of pretty decent quality.
I'd just make sure they have the European CE and RoHS certifications.

I have a point to be careful of. Be very careful with the navigation
lights. There are VERY few bulbs out there that are actually approved by
the USCG (United States Coast Guard) for use in navigation lights.
There are some, but they are few and far between. Navigation lights are
certrified as a combination of bulb and lens and consequently, some
combos don't meet minimum Coast Guard requirements. Furthermore, if you
were to be in a collision and the insurance company found out that it
was a non-approved combination in your nav lights, you could face the
possibility of having your claim denied. Not a good situation to be in.
Dedicated LED navigation light fixtures are available as are a few
approved LED nav light bulbs.

So, change those bulbs first before you jump into more drastic measures and happy cruising! Panasonic VIERA TC-P50G25, Panasonic TC-L32X2, Panasonic TC-L42U22, Panasonic VIERA TC-P46G25, Panasonic TC-L32U22, Panasonic TC-P58S2, Panasonic TC-P42C2, Panasonic TC-L37C22, Panasonic TC-L37U22, Panasonic TC-L37X2

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Buy Cheap Samsung 3DTV - Three Important Tips - Find the Best 3D LED TV Deal

Samsung is one of the leading 3D LED TV manufacturer in the HDTV market. Buying a new LED TV or 3DTV from Samsung could be a significant investment for some people. It is something sad to find out the performance of the expensive TV is actually under your expectation after the deal, or another retailer was selling the same or similar model in lower price but you just did not aware.

So, how to find the best 3D LED TV deals? Some tips are given here.

Tip 1 - Research your options

Research the different brand and product options in the market before you decide the target TV model. Study about where you can find the TV set and the features you most valued. Reading reviews as written by users with first hand experience can help you quickly get a general picture of the performance of a specific TV series and model. If you do your research well, you can readily find low cost options fulfilling your expectation. Test the TV by watching it in shop. Nevertheless, you should always check the price online as big online retailers often provide a better offer due to their lower operation cost and competition with other retailers.

Tip 2 - Compare price online

The key to find the best 3D LED TV deal is to know where to look for. Discounted TV offers are always available on the internet. Check the largest ecommerce sites - Amazon and eBay first. Second, compare the price with the big electronics retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart. Then, check the price as stated by the original TV manufacturers by visiting their website. By completing the above steps, you can readily get a comprehensive picture on the pricing of your target TV model.

Tip 3 - Consider your need and limitation

Figure out your need and limitation before you buy a new or replace your old TV set. For example, think about where to place your new TV is important. "Big" is not always means the best, "suitable" is what you need. If you are willing to compromise a bit for the TV size, actually you can save a lot. The price of a 60 inch Samsung 3D LED TV could be almost double of a 42 inch one in the same series or with similar functions.

You may be interested to learn more about buying 3D LEDTV here. The website reviews different 3D and LED TV models. Moreover, you can get coupon to buy discounted TV of Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and other big manufacturers from the site. LG 50PS60, LG 42LH55, LG 37LH30, LG 37LH40, LG 52LD550, LG 47LX6500 3D,

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Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS Review

The Garmin Nuvi 660 is a 4.3-inch widescreen portable gps
device. This particular model feature a very nice widescreen on it
making it extremely easy to read.  Even with the widescreen, they
managed to keep the unit slip you could still take it out of your car
and carry it in your pocket and take it with you.  It has Bluetooth,
text-to-speech technology, POI lookup, traffic alerts, mp3 playback,
JPEG viewer, currency converters and more.  

Traffic alerts is
another wonderful feature on this one.  If there's an accident a few
miles ahead, instead of you coming up on it and having to sit in traffic
for extended periods of time, this unit will actually notify you and
ask if you want it to re-route you around the incident.  How cool is
that?  No more getting stuck in traffic.  That features pays for the
unit for most of us.  The POI lookup function is very neat as well.  If
you look up a hotel for example, not only will it tell you how to get
there, but it will also give you the phone number and even dial it for
you if you have a Bluetooth enabled phone paired with it.  It will also
allow you to view calls from your phone's contact list or call log
making it very easy to place hands free calls.  Receiving a call is just
as simple.  When there is an incoming call, the call id data will be
display on the gps screen.  Simply touch the screen to answer.  It's
really that simple.

It also has Garmin Lock, an anti-theft feature
Garmin Garage, which allows you to customize the look and color of the
vehicle representing you on the map.  In addition, you can also plug in
an sd card obtained from Garmin containing Garmin Travel Guides which
provide additional detailed information on points of interest and other
attractions along your route.

As expected, North America maps are
standard with this one and can be updated via a USB cable connection to
your computer.  You can even change the map it uses to another continent
if you need to.  Also included is a vehicle suction cup mount, AC
charger, car charger, USB cable, carrying case, getting started guide
and of course the owner's manual.

Ad far as the actual map, It
features both 3D and 2D map views allowing you to customize the look of
the maps.  This unit speaks the directions clearly and even says the
exact street name it's asking you to turn onto. Magellan RoadMate 1424, Magellan RoadMate 1210, Magellan RoadMate 1700, Magellan Maestro 4700, Magellan RoadMate 1340, Magellan RoadMate 1475T

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LED TV - Advantages of Having One

LED TVs are based on very similar technology to the traditional
LCD, but are part of the new generation of technology. They are able to
deliver an unrivaled picture quality, with dynamic colors and contrast,
yet still retain the lightness and thinness which enables them to be
mounted to the wall to save floor space. This is particularly helpful
when floor space is limited. It is possible to mount them flat on the
wall, the same way as you would mount a picture or a photograph. There
are a wide range of different mounts available. These often have a
swivel option so that you can turn the TV to the direction that you
want, and some even have a swivel arm that can be remote controlled to
make life easier. The new LED technology also enables TVs to be more
energy efficient than even the most efficient LCD TV.

Because this
technology is still relatively new, LED screens do tend to be more
expensive than an equivalent LCD TV. As with anything else, they will
become cheaper as production becomes more widespread and the market
place intensifies. Many people see paying that little bit more as a good
investment, as LED technology is regarded to be one of the most
reliable flat screen TVs available.

As with anything else, market
forces will help to reduce the price as manufacturing spreads. The best
way to find a good deal is by doing a little homework before choosing
your model. With so many styles and models available there are certainly
plenty to choose from. It is a good idea to type TV Buying Guides into
an Internet search engine, and search the various LED TV offers
available at the time. It is always useful to use a comparison website,
where you can easily compare not only the prices of the same model in
different stores, but also the different technical aspects and prices of
similar models. All of this information will help you to make an
informed decision about which LED TV is right for you.

The modern
technology and style of the LED TV certainly makes it an attractive
option if budget allows, and it is one which is certainly worth
pursuing. Don't just buy the first thing that you see, even if it within
your budget, spend a little time doing your homework and it will
definitely be worth it in the end.LG 55LX6500, LG 47LE8500 Infinia Full HD, LG INFINIA 60PK750, LG 22LD350, LG 55LE5400, LG 47LD450

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Understanding LED TV Technology

If you have looked at all the fabulous photos of an LED TV from
this year's catalogues and are set to buy one for yourself, it will
really be helpful in your purchase if you know a few facts about the
technology first. The LED TV had a great reception at this year's CES
Trade Show and Samsung was the first one to actually have brought the
technology into the market with its Samsung 7000 television set range.

put an LED TV is actually an LCD television which incorporates an
additional technology. LEDs are light emitting diodes which are an
efficient light source and while previously other methods of lighting up
the LCD screen were used such as fluorescent tubes, now the LEDs are
utilized to light up the LCD display.

While fluorescent tubes
provide light, they have a few drawbacks. They take up more space and
are heavy in weight. Also they do not provide sufficient color quality
because the blacks displayed are not true blacks and this reduces the
vibrancy of all other colors. This is basically why the LED technology
came along - so they could provide a lighting source that can show the
purest blacks and whites.

At the present there are a couple of LED
TVs available to the consumer. One of them is back-lit model which
allows the LCD display to be lit up by back lighting through a number of
LEDs placed behind the television panel. The other one is the break
through edge lit version which uses LEDs as a light source positioned
around the edges of the television screen. Using LEDs as back lights
requires a lot of space in the back of the television set, making the
LED TV thicker in size. The edge lit LED display however, requires less
back panel space and hence the designs are much slimmer and sleek.

useful feature of the edge lit LED television is that it consumes less
energy which is not only good for the environment but also saves you on
the monthly electric bill. So the first thing you will need to do when
buying the LED TV is to figure out whether you want it back lit or edge
lit, since the rear lit ones will be more expensive to buy. There are
also a number of accessory options for the LED television sets.

television screen can be used as an interface for one's personal
computer. This makes for a television set that can play all your
favorite items from your computer which includes live streaming from any
internet website and watching online movies. You can even watch your
home videos that have been saved on the computer. LED television sets
also come with a USB port which can be used to view the material on your
USB flash drive and view movies, videos or pictures.

accessories that can be added to the LED TV are Blu-Ray players,
satellite dish receivers and even the latest gaming consoles. This is
owing to the HDMI ports which eliminate the need for cables (both A/V
and coaxial) and adapters. You can also buy a wall mount kit with your
LED if you are interested in mounting the set on a wall in your home.
LED TV sets are much lighter than the previous LCD TVs and they are much
easier to hang on walls. This is especially true for the edge lit LED
display television which is much lighter and thinner and better able to
be mounted.

LG 50PS60, LG 42LH55, LG 37LH30, LG 37LH40, LG 52LD550, LG 47LX6500

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