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ͺ GAT 駷 2 (ѧ)
11 áҤ 2552
Part one : Speaking (Items 1-15)
Choose the best answer
1. A: Hes mad because of what I said, isnt he?
B: .
a. Thats the golden rule. b. That has nothing to do with it.
c. That really brought him home.
d. That should work.
2. A: Your car is in excellent condition now. Its .
B: Thank you so much for fixing it!
a. back to square one b. as good as new
c. almost finished d. too old to repair
3. A: So, how did you do on the exam?
B: .
a. I probably got an A or B. b. I cant see the point
c. I kept a low profile d. Im positive Ive failed again.
4. A: Do you know what the battery life is?
B: I couldnt say. .. . I look it over. It should answer all of your questions.
A: Okay, thanks
a. Heres a brochure. b. I think its about 48 hours.
c. Have a look at the battery. d. You need to check the internet.
5. A: .. ?
B: Well, Ive forgotten my eye glasses at home.
a. What went wrong? b. Whats what?
c. What does it matter? D. Whats more?
Items 6-7
A: Would you like to have dinner at the Samurai with me?
B: Oh, yes, .6., but the Samurai is so expensive.
A: Yes, its too expensive for me. Would you like to pay for me?
B: .7!
A: Just kidding!
6. a. Id like to handle it b. I dont want that
c. I dont earn much c. I love eating out
7. a. Believe me! b. Hey, wait a minute!
c. I do apologize! d. I couldnt believe my eyes!
Items 8-10
A: What time are we going to the Smiths for dinner tonight?
B: We need to be there at 7:00. Did you remember to arrange for a ..8to come over?
A: Yes, but I need to tell her to..9. 6:30.
B: Which one is come? Amanda or Meredith?
A: Amanda. I know you dont ever want Meredith here again.
B: Well, .10.. . Its just that Meredith gives the kids too much junk food.
8. a. baby boomer b. baby shower
c. baby sitter d. baby doctor
9. a. be here by b. phone here at
c. come here after d. go there before
10. a. Lets go halves b. Things got out of hand
c. This is off the topic d. Thats putting it strongly
Items : 11-15
In a canteen, the office workers are discussing about the problem that one of their friends is
A: Im worried about Roberto. Hes gambling again. Hes been betting a lot on the European
football games.
B: Has he lost much money?
A: Well, he says..11, but who knows if thats true or not.
C: Last year he lost several thousand dollars.
D: I remember. And then he had to borrow money from his family to pay his bills. ..12.?
C: Well, its his problem. Weve talked to him many times about it. .13.. at least. I hope he
doesnt lost again.
A: Hes such a good guy. I wish he would stop gambling. But14 until he really loses a
lot. It sounds bad today, but, it would be the best thing for him. I think.
B: Do you think his family will help him again if he does lose a lot?
D: I doubt it. Its happened so many times and theyve helped him so many times. Last time,
.15.. of the problem if he did it again.
C: Sometimes it takes tough love to help someone.
A: You can say that again.
B: Well, lets just hope for the best.
11. a. hes still ahead b. hes already torn apart
c. hes yet to get across d. hes even adequate
12. a. Why should we do the trick on him? b. Could we do him in?
c. What are we going to do with him? d. How will we do away with him?
13. a. May be he will break even b. For sure I would play safe
c. I wonder if you can lose heart d. He has to get a rip off
14. a. I disagree he will suggest the way b. Im afraid he cant accept the fact
c. I dont think hes going to learn his lesson d. I do care if he realizes his destiny
15. a. they complained he was making a mess
b. they argued they were washing their hands
c. they said they were washing their hands
d. they decided they were hanging him out
Part Two : Vocabulary (Items 16-30)
Items 16-20 : One doesnt belong.
Three of the words in each group relate to each other somehow. Choose the word that does
not belong with others.
16. a. absurd b. practical c. possible d. feasible
17. a. complete b. through c. inclusive d. comprehensive
18. a. determined b. persistent c. exultant d. tenacious
19. a. lenient b. strict c. supple d. yielding
20. a. rest b. relax c. uptight d. unwind
Items 21-25 : Analogy
The two given words are associated somehow in their meaning. Choose the pair that has the
same kind of relationship.
21. laziness : behavior
a. plate : food b. flask : bottle c. lipstick : look d. window : house
22. pretense : reality
a. hurt : torture b. contract : promise c. honesty : morality d. ignorance : knowledge
23. boredom : energy
a. fondness : charm b. sadness : emotion
c. nervousness : leisure d. carelessness : practice
24. footnote : page
a. root : plant b. sludge : river
c. earthworm : soil d. flower : vase
25. cellulose : wall
a. mood : manners b. curtain : furniture
c. attic : building d. wheat ; cereals
Items 26-30 Meaning in context
Choose the best answer to make the sentences meaningful.
26. During winter, there is always the chance of ice or snowstorm. With these storms come the
possibility of .in electronic devices.
a. intermissions b. intersections c. interruptions d. interventions
27. Taking care of your teeth helps prevent.. , which is a clear .. that sticks to your teeth.
a. fluoride.acid b. gum...paste
c. d. bacteria..enamel
28. The story of the Olympic athletes is one of personaland dedication to be the best in
the world and a desire to represent the people of the country with.. .
a. temptations.prize b. sacrifices..pride
c. capabilities..ambition d. incentives..success
29. After five years of study, scientists concluded that the averagelevel in Cairo from
7 a.m., to 10 p.m. is 85 , a bit louder than a freight train only 15. feet away.
a. talkbytes b. clatter..hertz
c. sound..joules d. noise.decibels
30. Economists tend to like price , because it allows wealthier purchasers to subsidize
sales to poor.. , while maximizing profits.
a. equity..retailers b. management.consumers
c. discriminationcustomers d. profitability.pensioners

Part Three : Structure and Writing (Items 31-45)
Read the following statements and choose the underlined part that is grammatically wrong.
31. Everyone has (1) occasionally (2) sleepless nights, usually (3) associated with states of
emotional arousal such as worry, anxiety, (4) or excitement.
32. Studies of (1) early cave art shows a level of culture that was (2) anything but primitive
and that human beings have a long record of (3) communicating knowledge and
(4) believe.
33. When petroleum (1) is processed into (2) plastic, it is no longer biodegradable, and (3) in
which can clog up (4) landfills indefinitely.
34. (1) Although many eateries publish calorie information on their we sites, or even on
(2) food packaging , advocates of labeling say (3) diners need to be able to read the
information (4) while decided what to do.
35. Life is (1) so fragile and we dont know what will happen tomorrow, (2) so experience what
you (3) have given because you dont know how long it is going (4) to last.

Items 36-40
Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.
36. A man appeared in a London court recently. .
a. was charged and drunk for taking care of a baby in a pram
b. charged with being drunk while in charge of a pram with a baby in it
c. on a charge of being a drunkard to entertain a baby kept in a pram
d. to be charged for being drunk to take care of a baby sleeping in a pram
37. For the Smithsonian, the name alone invokes endless possibilities, from art collections to
scientific discoveries to a showcase of American treasures, and .
a. is a place like no other b. A place it is not like other
c. A different is place from others d. It is no place like another place
38. The Sphinx is a carving of the body of a lion with a head of a king or a god . .
It is a magnificent monument in Egypt.
a. is about 200 feet long and 65 feet high
b. which stands as a symbol of strength and wisdom
c. and suggests it was built by King Khafre
d. resembling the colorful head piece attire by the pharaohs.
39. Although the study to become a Tea Master in Japan is long and demanding , .
a. it is a lifetimes work b. it is also fun and rewarding
c. it is to complete the training process d. it is a skill for communication
40. The mind, by nature is universal.. as it offers a taste of the meditative peace that lies
a. warranting for investigation b. to investigation warrant
c. but investigation for d. and warrants investigation
Items 41-45
Choose the given choices to fill in the blanks.
Items 41-42
41. a. Diamonds are usually clear or pale blue.
b. The color in diamonds do not necessarily reduce their beauty.
c. Diamond color is considered when determining their quality and value.
d. When the amount of color increases, the price of diamonds decreases.
42. a. Diamonds are very costly.
b. Diamonds are also renowned for their hardness
c. Diamonds must be but to enhance their brightness.
d. Most Diamonds used as gemstones are basically transparent.
Diamonds are precious stones that can be categorized according to their color and hardness. ..41. . Many variations of color are also found depending on the impurities present. Strongly colored gem diamonds are extremely rare and valuable. When a diamond is set into metal, the metal can affect its color. ..42 . Hardness is the measure of a substances resistance to being scratched, and only a diamond can scratch another diamond. Diamonds are the hardest substances known.

Item 43
43. a. Realizing the danger, the startled prey tries to flee.
b. The tiger can kill prey large enough for several meals.
c. The tigers massive build is a key to its mating success.
d. The tigers claws are used to grip prey and scratch trees.
..43 . After a kill, the tiger drags or carries its victim out of sight to feed. The tiger usually begins with the hindquarters, but will eventually eat almost every part of its prey, including the skin and the hair, which helps with digestion. The tiger can eat up to 66 lbs of meat at one time and once it has eaten its fill, it covers the remains of its prey with leaves, returning to the carcass each night until it is finished. Like most big cats, it will even eat meat that has begun to rot.

Item 44
44. a. and the high-risk applicants should be considered based on their occupation and
b. or has to require the AIDS test before the insurance companys offering full coverage.
c. while the applicants personal lifestyle will be considered prior to those High-risk
d. but the company reserves the right to consider applicants based on risk factors
related to personal lifestyle.
Life insurance is a risk- management tool for the public. Underwriting criteria is thus based on risks met by the general population. Anyone found to have higher risk than the general population could face higher premiums, limits in protection, or even denials of their applications. An international insurance companys applications are judged based on various factors, including sex, occupation, health history and lifestyle. Insurance insiders also say it is not unusual that companies would take steps to limit their high-risk groups such as smokers or persons with past drugs addictions. Many firms require AIDS tests prior to offering coverage, particularly for persons from high-risk jurisdictions such as in many provinces that AIDS is a policies against homosexual clients,.44 .

Item 45
45. a. Arthritis means fires in joints.
b. Arthritis may start off as morning stiffness.
c. An arthritis pain is a result of your joints being swollen.
d. When arthritis gets worse, you likely end up at your doctors office.
..45.. . It is an inflammatory disease of the joints that occurs in more than 100 forms, most often involving some joint degeneration. The most common forms of this crippling disease are osteoarthritis, which rends to damage larger weight-bearing joints, and rheumatoid arthritis, which affects up to 10 million people, and tends to begin in smaller joints. In rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease, there may be a sudden, initial attack. In osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, the onset is more subtle.

Part four : Reading (Items 46-60)
Read the following text and choose the best answer.
Items 46-50
People around the country are calling for action to stop global warming on Earth Day. They are making their voices heard by sending the attached postcard to their elected officials, asking them to support the Clean Energy Agenda. This agenda encourages the transition to more efficient and renewable energy sources in order to combat climate change and protect human health.
For this Earth Day clean energy agenda, a rapid transition energy efficiency and renewable energy will curb global warming and protect our health, air, water, wildlife and economy. People are urged to endorse this agenda and work to achieve.
Clean power: Switch to clean, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.
Clean air : Clean up dirty, inefficient coal-fired power plants.
Clean cars: Require production of cleaner, high mileage vehicles, hold SUVs to the same standard as cars, and encourage the rapid introduction of advanced technology vehicles.
Clean investments : Stop subsidizing the coal, oil , and nuclear industries, and dramatically expand investment in energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy.
46. How would you describe the text?
a. suggestive b. persuasive c. interrogative d. evaluative
47. Which of the following statements would the writer be LEAST likely to agree with?
a. People the world over should take action to stop global warming on Earth Day.
b. The Earth Day clean energy agenda shouldnt be supported to prevent climate
change and save human health.
c. Peoples voice for protecting clean air, water, power, and investments are supported
to achieve their goal.
d. Health, air, water, wild life, and economy are all significant attributes relevant to more efficient and renewable energy sources.
48. Which of the following would least be affected by the writers agenda?
a. artists b. scientists c. technologists d. industrialists
49. What is the text mainly about?
a. Clean Energy Agenda b. Earth Day
c. Global Warming d. Renewable Energy Sources
Items 51-55
I like daisies.
They have such happy faces.
Some will say
That flowers dont have faces.
There are petals and stems
But not faces!
I like daisies.
They smile openly
And know the sun intimately.
I like daisies.
Someone told me once
That daisy means
The eye of the day. (Curry, 1981)
51. What is presented in the first stanza?
a. a classification b. a definition
c. a comparison d. a discussion
52. Which is the main purpose of this poem?
a. To express the poets many reasons for liking daisies.
b. To describe the floral structure of the daisy.
c. To show different perspectives on daisies.
d. To illustrate the popularity of daisies.
53. What does the poet do in the second stanza?
a. Giving the natural characteristics of daisies.
b. Telling how much the poet likes daisies.
c. Using a metaphor to describe a daisys characteristics.
d. Comparing daisies with the relationships among people.
54. What does the eye of the day means?
a. Daisies open up with the sun light.
b. The word daisy comes from the word day
c. Daisies look like human eyes.
d. The poet sees eye to eye with his girl friend.

Items 56-60
COPENHAGEN (AFP) Greenlands ice cap, which covers more than 80 percent of the island, is melting faster than expected because of global warming, a Danish researcher said on Monday.
The 1.8-million-kilometre (695,000-square-mile) ice cap, which accounts for 10 percent of the planets fresh water is losing about 257 cubic kilometers (62 cubic miles) of ice per year.
In 2080, it is expected to lose 465 cubic kilometers (111 cubic miles) per year, according to new estimates presented by a Danish-US team of scientists at the International Research Center in Fairbanks, Alaska.
The net loss in 2080 would be 81 percent greater than today and would cause sea levels to rise by 107 milimeters (4.2 inches, the teams head researcher Sebastian Mermild said in a statement received in Copenhagen. Satellite observations show that the global water level has since 1003 risen by three millimeters j(0.11 inches) per year, or at a much more accelerated pace than during the last century when it rose by 1.7 millimeter (0.06 inches) per year, he said.
The ice caps melting season beat a new record in 2007, corresponding to a loss of 50 percent of the ices total surface. And this record will not be the last one, he warned.
The ice melt at the end of the 2070s will rise to 66 percent, or about 1,204 million square kilometers, said Mernild, adding that the melting process was occurring at faster rate than previously predicted.
The research teams calculations, based on climate models and the UN climate panels predicted scenarios, showed that the average air temperature )in Greenland) will rise by some 2.7 degrees by the end of the century, he said.
56. What type of text is this?
a. a newspaper report b. a research chapter
c. a magazine article d. a minute of the meeting
57. According to the text, all of the following are true, EXCEPT .
a. Global warming is the main cause of Greenlands ice melt.
b. Many of the worlds coastlines could soon be flooded by rising seas.
b. Greenlands ice cap melting is now a real possibility.
d. Greenlands ice sheet is moving faster than expected.
58. What would be the best title for this text?
a. The Rapid Melting of Greenlands Ice Cap
b. The Awareness of Natural Disaster in Greenland
c. The Future Melting Rates of Greenlands Ice Retreat
d. The Melting Phase of the Ices Total Surface in Greenland
59. Which of the following is NOT the result of melting ice in Greenland?
a. the sea level fall b. the climate change
c. the greenhouse effect d. the rising temperature
60. How would you describe the tone of the text?
a. argumentative b. informative
c. imaginative d. declarative

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£ͺ GAT駷 1 ( ) (.)

Ԫ 85 Ѵ
ѹ 7 չҤ 2552 10.30 - 12.00 .

Part One : Speaking (Items 1-15)
Choose the best answer.
Items 1-5
1. A: I really want to buy a new computer. ѹͧ÷Ыͤԧ
B: What? Just an hour ago you were complaining that you have been.
ù ˹觪 سѧ س....... .
1. up and away = up into the air and into flight.
After a few seconds of speeding down the runway, our flight to Tucson was up and away.
ѧҡ觤ǷҧͧԹҷ ͧѧͧ Tucson ԹкԹ
Just before the cat pounced on the sparrows, they were up and away.
͹ л Ш͡ ǡ ԹкԹ˹
2. on and off = Intermittently. 繾ѡ
on and on = Without stopping; continuously. ӵشѡ
3. down and out adj. 1. Lacking funds, resources, or prospects; destitute
Ҵ ͧع Ѿҡ ͡ ; ͻдҵ .
2. Incapacitated; prostrate
ԡ ; ç
4. back and forth = 1. Backward and forward; to and fro. 2. From side to side.
ͺ 3 you were complaining that you have been down and out.
سѧ س Թ (down and out)
2. A: Why is it your favorite fiction? ѹ֧ ͧ觷س蹪ͺ B: __________.
1. Im a dependent ѹ
2. I have a good idea ѹդԴ
3. I cant resist its mystery ѹͤ֡Ѻͧѹ
4. I dont think much ѹԴҡ
ͺ 3 ѹͤ֡Ѻͧѹ
3. A: __________? B: Its up to you. ѹѺس
1. Have you thought about what I have said سԴǡѺ觷ѹٴ
2. Where did I go wrong ѹ仼Դ ˹
3. How about some more drink Ѻͧա
4. Why on earth would you go there ֧еͧ价
ͺ 3. How about some more drink Ѻͧա
4. A: Did you tell the doctor you are canceling the appointment? B: No. __________?
س͡ س¡ԡùѴ
A: Of course. People expect you to call them when it is necessary to cancel the appointment.
͹ 餹Ҵѧ餹ú͡ ѹ繷еͧ ¡ԡ ùѴ
1. Should I 2. Would I 3. Could I 4. May I
ѹè... ѹ.... ѹö... ѹ...
ͺ 1. Should I = ѹèк͡ ?
5. A: I wish Susan would talk to me. ѹҡ٫ҹ ٴѺѹ
B: I know. ____5______. All these problems are from a little misunderstanding.
ѹ ......5.... ѭҷ Ҩҡ ҼԴ§硹
A: Maybe she will call me again soon. Ҩҩѹա ҹ
1. Its hard to forget ѹҡ
2. Its a shame ѹ´
3. Its necessary to do ѹ繷еͧ
4. Its impossible ѹ
ͺ 2. Its a shame ѹ´

Items 6 - 10
A: Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well last night? B: Hey, Dad. Actually, I ____6______.
ʴ ١ ͤ׹Ѻѹ ԧ ١.......6.........
A: Why is that? B: I feel stressed ____7______ final exams next week.
ҧ ١֡´ ....7........ ͺҤ ѻ˹
A: Why are you worried? You are an excellent student. Havent you been studying?
١ͧѧŴ ١ ١¹
B: Yes. Its just that ____8______. There are so many rules _____9_____.
ѹ ....8...... ѹաҡ....9...........
A: That was one of my best subjects. Let me know if you need help.
ѹԪҷ觷شԪ˹ ͡͡ ҵͧä
B: Thanks, Dad. I have a study session later in the week. ____10______, Ill ask you.
ͺسо ١ ١¹Ԫҹաѻ .....10....... ѹ
6. 1. hardly slept at all ᷺й͹Ѻ
2. slept like a log Ѻ繢͹ (Ѻ繵)
3. wanted you to wake me up ͧͪ»ء˹
4. had so many good dreams Ѻѹ֧ҧ
ͺ 1. hardly slept at all ᷺й͹Ѻ
7. 1. along 2. about 3. around 4. awhile
ͺ 2. I feel stressed __about_ final exams next week.
١֡´ ǡѺ ͺҤ ѻ˹
8. 1. physics is so difficult Ԫҿԡҡҡ
2. I like my English course more ѹͺԪѧҡ
3. mathematics is easier this term ԪҤԵʵ¢
4. my chemistry teacher isnt friendly Ԫ Ե
ͺ 1. physics is so difficult Ԫҿԡҡҡ
9. 1. to repeat 2. to return СѺ׹
3. to rearrange ШѴ 4. to remember Ш
ͺ 4. There are so many rules to remember. ѹҡеͧ

10. 1. What if I attend the concert ҩѹ仴٤͹
2. Even if the text is so confusing ҡѧѺʹ
3. If only there is a tutor waiting ҡյ
4. If I have any questions after that ҩѹջѭѡҡ
ͺ 4. Thanks, Dad. I have a study session later in the week. ____10______, Ill ask you.
ͺسо ١ ١¹Ԫҹաѻ .....10....... ѹ
Items 11-15
In a social studies class, the teacher and her students are discussing and
㹪¹Ԫѧ ѡ¹ͧ ѧԻ
exchanging their ideas and opinions about the study of decentralization.
š¹ Դ ԴǡѺ ֡ͧ áШӹҨ (¶蹰ҹ)
A: Well, Id like somebody in this class to read this question for me, please?
: ѹҡҧͧ ҹӶ ˹
B: Ill do it. Why do you think people should decentralize from Bangkok?
ѡ¹ : ѹҹ سԴҷ 餹֧͡仨ҡا෾ϔ?
A: Right, Why do you think people should decentralize from Bangkok?
The word decentralize: What do you think the word decentralize means?
Шµ ШӹҨ سԴ ӹ ¤ҧ
Walai, ____11______? Its a tough one.
(س͸Ժ¤ѡѹ?) ѹ繡·ҡ
B: Um, when people move out of Bangkok to live somewhere else.
ѡ¹ : ͼ餹͡仨ҡا෾ ѡ (ͤ¢ͧ decentralize)
A: Thats right. Move out of Bangkok. Good girl.
: ١ͧ ͹͡仨ҡا෾ ҡ
C: Move out of Bangkok to live in different provinces.
ѡ¹ : ͹͡仨ҡا෾ ѧѴҧ
A: And when people have to decentralize, ____12______,
餹 ͧ ͹ , ..ǡҵͧԴҡ...
or even their specific purposes. Do you agree with that?
ش¨Тͧǡ سԴ͹ѹ
B: Yes. We may have to focus on their family members like their children.
ǡҨеͧ ֧֡ ҪԡͧͺǴ ǡ
C: Right, Im also thinking about their social economic status
١ͧ ѹѧԴ͹ѹ ǡѺ ʶҹзҧɰԨҧѧͧҴ
as well as their childrens education. ____13______, isnt it?
ǡѹѺ ֡Ңͧ١ ..ѹӤѭҡ¹...
D: Yeah.
A: Now, who could just quickly put up their hands and tell me one reason
è¡͢ к͡ѹ˹ ˵ؼ˹觷
why they think people might decentralize from Bangkok? ____14______.
ǡҨ֧Դ 餹 Ҩ ͹͡ҡا෾? ...ѹ

B: Well, because of higher rental payment and inflation.
ѡ¹ : ˵ؼŷҧè¤Һҹ٧ Թ٧

C: Exactly. As a matter of fact, decentralization is a serious situation
ԧ 繨ԧ ͹ ʶҹ÷ԡĵ
for most lay people when making this decision.
Ѻ ŧѡѡҹ ͵ͧԴеѴԹ͹
A: So, ____15______.
ѧ , ..Ӷ֧èеͧͺҧѴѧ...
There are a lot more answers besides social economic status, education, family needs,
ӵͺӹǹҡ ͡˹ͨҡ˵ؼŷҧɰԨ ֡ 繢ͧͺ
and Id like all of you to complete this discussion within this period.
ҡ ѡ¹ ͺӶ㹪

11. 1. have you a go at that سִͧ
2. will you set up one topic سе駪ͧѡ˹ͧ
3. do you have any question سդӶ
4. can you give one more meaning سѡ˹觤
ͺ 4.can you give one more meaning سѡ˹觤
12. 1. they want to leave many things ǡҵͧ÷Шҡҧ
2. they seem to have more thoughtful ideas ǡҵͧԴҡ
3. they may take actions on further studying ǡҨеͧǡѺ֡ҵ
4. theyve got to think about their businesses ǡҵͧԴǡѺáԨͧǡ
ͺ 2 they seem to have more thoughtful ideas ǡҵͧԴҡ
13. 1. Its all small stuff ǹͧ
2. Its so important ѹӤѭҡ
3. Its quite annoying ѹӤҭ
4. Its questionable ѹʧ
ͺ 2 Its so important ѹӤѭҡ
14. 1. I can think of lots ѹԴ͡
2. You can take time س
3. Anyone can solve the problem áöѭҹ
4. It can have a superficial way ѹԸշԹ
ͺ 1. I can think of lots ѹԴ͡

15. 1. many people should be more obligatory ӹǹҡèзӻªҡ
2. your students must consider why it works ѡ¹ͧسͧԨóҷѹ
3. this question here needs to be carefully answered ӶͧͺҧѴѧ
4. I should say how people decentralize from the capital city
Part Two: Vocabulary (Items 16-30)
Items 16-20: One doesnt belong.
Three of the words in each group relate to each other somehow. Choose the word
that does not belong with others.
16. 1. chubby ǹ fat, plump
2. stout ǹ portly, corpulent
3. obese ǹا very fat, overweight
4. meager slender, thin (ͺ 4)
17. 1. merciful س clemency, kindness, charity
2. savage wild, fierce, barbarous (ͺ 2)
3. benevolent س beneficent, benign, munificent
4. compassionate ʧ pity
18. 1. vulnerable ͹ 蹤 weak, exposed, susceptible
2. helpless ˹ҧ ջª futile, useless, vain
3. susceptible ͹ǧ sensitive
4. immune ѹ exempt, free, proof (ͺ 4)

19. 1. supposition ԰ҹ assume
2. contingency ͹ provisional, conditional (ͺ 2)
3. presumption ѹɰҹ assume, suppose, presuppose
4. hypothesis ԰ҹ supposition, assumption
20. 1. rage ʹ fume
2. wrath ø anger, ire, fury, indignation
3. felicity ʴԹ congratulate, bliss (ͺ 3)
4. anger ø ͧ indignation, wrath, rage

Items 21-25: Analogy
The two given words are associated somehow in their meaning. Choose the pair
that has the same kind of relationship.
21. judge: court Ծҡ :
1. cashier: counter ѡԹʴ : ѺѺԹ
2. writer: agency ѡ¹ : ѷ
3. general : military base ¾ : ҹѾ (ͺ 3)
4. artist : museum ŻԹ : ԾԸѳ
22. industrious: idle ѹ : ¨
1. impartial : biased Ңҧ (صԸ) : ͤ (ص׸) (ͺ 1)
2. enthusiastic: anxious е : ѧ
3. hospitable: gracious Һҹ : ҡس
4. austere: strict Ѵ : Ǵ
23. gauntlet: hand ا :
1. glove: arm ا : ᢹ
2. mask: face ˹ҡҡ : ˹ (ͺ 2)
3. helmet: neck ǡѹͤ :
4. amulet: shoulder ͧҧͧѧ :
24. crumb: bread ɢѧ : ѧ
1. bar: chocolate : ͤŵ
2. herd : cattle ٧ :
3. ounce: weight ͹ : ˹ѡ
4. splinter: wood : (ͺ 4)
25. depression: emotion ѹ ;
1. pollution: ozone ž : ҡȺط
2. diffusion: perfume Ш : (ͺ 2)
3. illusion: shadow ǧ :
4. pattern: design Ẻ : ͡Ẻ
Items 26-30: Meaning in context
Choose the best answer to make the sentences meaningful.
͡ӵͺշش ͷ¤դó
26. People wont give their opinions during meetings in case they are wrong.
餹 ʴԴ繢ͧǡ 㹪ǧûЪ ҾǡҷӼԴ
They dont want to ___________ . ǡͧ÷........................ .
1. do it about face ѹǡѺ˹
2. lose face ˹ (ͺ 2)
3. face to face ༪ԭ˹
4. keep a straight face ˹ҵ ()
27. Children _____themselves and upset other people. .......... ǡ 餹
1. mislead 㨼Դ 2. misplace ҧԴ
3. misbehave оĵԼԴ (ͺ 3)
4. mismatch èѺԴ
28. Companies that try to reduce spending on customer service may find it difficult to
ѷҧ Ŵµ͡úԡ١ Ҩоѹҡ
______all the complaints from ______customers. .õҷ ҡ.........١
1. manageopposed Ѵ..............Ѵҹ
2. handledissatisfied Ѵ............ (ͺ 2)
3. improvisefrustrated ֡..........鹷
4. considerembarrassed Ԩó.........
29. When robots are safe and aware of their __________, they will be widely used
¹ҧ ʹ Һ֧.......ͧǡ , ǡ(¹) ж١ҧҧҧ
and will start to take on ___________tasks such as playing the violin.
Ш Ѻ (take on) .ҹҧ Թ
1. assignments.simple ҹѺͺ....... (ͺ 1)
2. navigationproper Թ.............ҷ
3. movementundemanding ͹ ..........繷ͧ
4. surroundingscomplicated ͺҧ...........ҡ
30. A dam was built across the river and the result used as a drinking water ______ until recently,
͹ ١ ҧ ŷѺͤͶ١ 纡ѡӴ........з
when oil spilled from a tanker and made the water __________.
ѹ Ũҡѧ ..............................
1. vesselfilthy ˹......ʡá
2. basinhygienic ҧ........Ҵ
3. supplydisinfected è.....Դ
4. reservoirunusable ҧ纹......ö (ͺ 4)
Part Three: Structure and Writing (Items 31-45)
Items 31-35 : Read the following statements and choose the underlined part that is
grammatically wrong.

31. A firefighter has just crawled (1) across the (2) smoke-filled attic, trying to
open a window for (3) ventilating, but no one (4) can find him now.
32. (1) Environmental experts claim that (2)Planet Earth is steadily warming up
(3) because of human activities, and the developed world is (4) primary
responsible for this.
33. I (1)was staring at my computer screen, which was (2) as blank as my (3)
mine, wishing that some brilliant idea would pop into my head, and render
me capable of producing (4) a thousand-word essay.
34. The hypothesis of (1) the psychological science study was that (2) the more
power a person has, (3) the less capacity he has to take (4) other persons
35. Some anthropologists have proposed that alcohol production (1)may have
predated agriculture; (2) with all, it no doubt (3) stimulated that
development, as in many parts of the world the cereal harvest (4) was largely
given over to beer making.

Items 36-40: Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.
36. __________the growth rings of the tiny crystalline structure in the inner ear
of a fish reveal the age of the creature.
1. Fishermen have long known that
2. It is long known that fishermen see
3. Revealed by fishermen who have known that
4. As fishermen have known for a long time that
37. The benefit to the plants ______ is that the animals disperse the plants seeds.
1. allowing animals take their fruit
2. to allow their fruit taken for animals
3. for allowing animals to take their fruits
4. allowed their fruit to take animals
38. It is the season to get outside, the season of new green, new birth and new
dreams, and __________ on a fun-filled nature-touch vacation than our
beautiful national parks.
1. it is better much to take your family
2. you had better take a place for your family
3. a place to take your better family must be
4. there is no better place to take your family
39. Experts agree that heavy rain will fall more frequently in a warmer world
because higher temperatures __________.
1. increase the amount of water vapor in the air
2. balance the heavy rainfall events in other places
3. rise sharply causing the cloud to formulate precipitation
4. change the amount of energy that can be stored in the atmosphere
40. Professor Jones is a math genius, ___________.
1. so he hasnt made any changes
2. and he trusts each other without doubt
3. he has a farm on his land, though
4. but Steve cannot make heads or tails of what he has said


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