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lz to jy

Since I was a trainee, I always call unnie unnie.
Until the debut, juyeon unnie alway take care of me.
We have so many memories together.
We have to go to eat ホルモン(곱창?) together, take me to Norabang by (juyeon's) car and the cutie Crayon Shinchan in (juyeon's) car. << maybe they're have some funny memories about shinchan?
It so many memories.. so.. I don't know How I should say about it.
she is warm-heart unnie.

but when I think about we can't stand on same stage together again, we can't laughing together again, we can't tease like this again.. I feel so pity.

from now on, I know It's not like 'We can't meet again' right...
but I'm still feel sad that we can't do it (standing on same stage or go to same schdule) anymore..

but I will support you as your fanclub.

and Thank you to came today (said to fans)

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