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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy called Joseph, who led a humble life in a small village, working for his master, who was very pleased with his work, All the other peasant boys envied him, because he was clever, handsome and hardworking. The village girls were desperately trying to make him notice them, but he paid them no attention. They used to call him Prince Charming.


One sunny day, tired as he was after working very hard, he slipped into the forest and lay down under a huge oaktree and slept under its hospitable shelter. And while he slept, a beautiful fairy dressed in a robe sparkling with diamonds appeared before him and told him:
Go to the kings castle,because youll find your fortune there.


No sooner had he reached home, than he went straight to his master and said to him:
Master, I have a good mind to go into the wide world to seek my fortune. I have served you enough and now its time for me to turn over a new leaf.
His master tried to change his mind and make him stay to no avail, so he paid the boy for his work and he was gone.


Joseph soon reached the king's court and went to the gardener to ask for work. Seeing him so tidy and clever, the gardener liked him and accepted his services. His main job was to make twelve little bouquets every day and give them to the kings twelve daughters each morning when they went out for a walk.
The twelve princesses were doomed not to be able to marry until someone could make one of them fall in love with him and thus, deliver them from their fate, which gifted them with the passion for dance. The princesses were crazy about dance and every night they tore up their shoes. But no one knew where they went, because they were locked in.


Then the king made it known to all the land, that if any person could find out where it was that the princesses danced in the night, he should have the one he liked best for his wife, and should be king after his death.
Many suitors came to the castle, but the princes who had been watching during the night could no longer be found in the morning. They just disssapeared, and no one knew what had happened to them. Eleven princes were lost so far and no one dared to try his luck any more.


Joseph did his job very well, and the princesses were pleased with his work. He was so humble that he didnt even dare to look at them when he gave them the bouquets. It was only when he gave the flowers to the youngest of them, Laura, that his cheeks flushed and his heart started to beat wildly. The princess felt the same way about him, though her sisters were not delighted at all to see that.
He was thinking to go and watch, too, but he didnt dare.


One night, the fairy appeared in his dreams again and said to him :
Go to the eastern angle of the garden and there youll find two small laurel trees. Take good care of them. When they have grown, ask anything you want, and they will give it to you.
Saying this, she disappeared from sight.
As soon as he woke up, he went straight to the place described by the fairy. When he reached there, he just couldnt believe his eyes. The laurel trees were right there! He took very good care of them and when they grew up enough, he asked them to make him invisible. His wish was granted immediately.


In the evening, when the princesses entered their room, Joseph sneaked inside. The doors were then shut and locked up by nine bolts. He noticed that, instead of preparing to go to bed, the princesses began to brush their hair, to dress themselves in beautiful clothes and to put on jewels like they were going to leave somewehere.
Then, the eldest sister stamped her foot on the floor three times and suddenly, a trap door opened. They went down on a secret staircase till they reached a garden whose gates opened when the eldest sister stamped her foot again. Joseph followed them everywhere they went.


They passed through a forest with silver leaves, then through another one where all the leaves were of gold, then into a third with the leaves glittering with diamonds and after that they came to a great lake.
In the middle of the lake, there was a marvellous castle, beautiful beyond description, dazzling in its brilliance.
Twelve boats with twelve paddlers were waiting for them ashore. The princesses seated themselves into the boats. Joseph entered the boat where the youngest princess was seated.


When they reached the other side of the lake, a merry music of horns and trumpets could be heard. The princesses ran into the castle as soon as they landed. Joseph was surprised to see that the princes who had watched them and had disappeared were all present there. They began dancing together. So, thats why they were never seen again, Joseph thought.
He seated himself into a corner, looking at everything that was going on there in open-mouthed wonder. He soon found himself dancing, too, among the others. The princesses danced on, till their shoes were worn out and they had to return home.


On their way back, Joseph broke a twig from each forest they went through. Each time he did that, the forest made a loud noise, which startled a little the princesses, but since they couldnt explain what happened, they decided to go on.
The next day, when Joseph gave the princesses the little bouquets, he slipped the three twigs into Lauras bouquet. She was so amazed to see those twigs in her bouquet and had no idea how they could have reached there.

Now that he knew everything, Joseph went to his laurels and asked them to dress him like a prince. In the twinkling of an eye, his appearance was that of a prince. His judgement was different, too, his wits grew sharper and he was dressed in fine clothes.
Thats unbelievable! he exclaimed. No one would recognize me!

Then he went to the king and asked him to allow him to watch his daughters one night. The king felt sorry for him and advised him to give up rather than lose his life. He insisted and the king finally agreed. He didnt suspect that the prince might be the gardener boy. When he took him to the princesses, they didnt recognize him either. Laura alone was startled by his sight, and her heart went pit-a-pat.

The following night, the princesses took him with them. They reached the bewitched castle, and when dancing stopped, they went to the supper room. He was given the wine that all the other princes drank, too, that was meant to kindle the passion for dance in his heart, as well, making him lose his mind and soul. That moment he confessed his love to the youngest princess. She responded in the same way and asked him to throw away the wine. He obeyed.


Everyone present stood thunderstruck, staring at them, upon hearing their words of love. Love triumphed and broke the spell that had been cast upon the princesses for so many years. They all found themselves in the kings palace again. The bewitched castle sanked out of sight like it had never been. The king was so happy to see the charm was broken, that he made a great wedding, all of his daughters marrying the princes who had watched them. Joseph married Laura and they all lived happily ever after.


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The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there was and old pig with three little pigs, and one day she said to them: My children, it is time for you to go out in the world and seek your fortunes.
So, bidding their mother good-bye, the three little pigs set out to earn their living.

The first little pig, whose name was Whitey, met a man with a bundle of straw and said to him: Please, mister, will you give me that straw to build a house with?
The man gave Whitey the straw, and he built himself a house with it.

Presently a wolf came along and knocked at the door of Whiteys house.
Little pig, little pig, he said. Let me come in.
But of course Whitey didnt want the wolf to come in, so he said:
No, no, by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!
This made the wolf angry, and he said:
Then Ill puff and Ill huff, and Ill blow your house in.
So he puffed and he huffed and he blew the house in. And he carried poor little Whitey away to his home in the forest.

The second little pig, whose name was Blackey, met a man carrying some wood, and he said to him: Please, mister, will you give me that wood to build a house with?
The man gave Blackey the wood and he built himself a house with it.
But along came the wolf and knocked at the door of Blackeys house.
Little pig, little pig, he said. Let me come in.
No, no, replied Blackey in great fright. Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!
Then Ill puff and Ill huff and Ill blow your house in.
So the wolf puffed and he huffed and at last he blew the house in. And away he went with Blackey to his home in the forest.


Now the third little pig, whose name was Brownie, met a man with a load of bricks and he said to him: Please, mister, will you give me those bricks to build a house with?
The man gave him the bricks, and Brownie built himself a very snug little house with them.
He had just finished his house when the wolf came along.
Little pig, little pig, he said. Let me come in!
No, no, by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!
Then Ill puff and Ill huff and Ill blow your house in.
But though the wolf puffed and he huffed, and he huffed and he puffed, he could not blow down Brownies house made of bricks.
So he said: Little pig, I know where there is a nice field of turnips.
Where? asked Brownie.
Over in Mr. Smiths field. If you will be ready tomorrow morning, I will call for you and we will go together and get some for dinner.
Very well, answered Brownie. I will be ready. What time do you want to go?
Around six oclock, answered the wolf.


Well, do you know, that smart little pig got up at five oclock and went out and got the turnips and was back home before the wolf came at six oclock.
When the wolf found that Brownie had been to Mr. Smiths field before him, he was very angry, and wondered how he could catch him. So he said: Little pig, I know where there is a nice apple orchard.
Where? asked Brownie.
Down at Merry Garden, replied the wolf. I will go with you tomorrow morning at five oclock and we will get some apples.

But Brownie hustled and bustled around, and went the next morning at four oclock to the apple orchard.
This time he had farther to go and had to climb the tree, so that just as he was getting down with the apples in a basket, he saw the wolf coming. Of course he was frightened.
When the wolf came up to the tree, he said to Brownie: Ah, I see you are here before me. Are they very nice apples?
Yes, indeed, replied Brownie. Here, I will throw one down to you. And he threw the apple so far that while the wolf was running to pick it up, the little pig jumped down from the tree and ran home.


Now the wolf was very, very angry, and he thought and thought and finally thought of a plan to catch the little pig.
Coming to his house the next morning, he said, Little pig, there is a fair in town this afternoon. Will you go?
Oh, yes, replied Brownie. I will be very glad to go. What time will you want me to be ready?
At three oclock, said the wolf.
But Brownie went off to the fair at one oclock and bought a great big copper kettle. Alas! On the way home with the kettle, he saw the wolf coming up the hill.
Poor little Brownie. He didnt know what to do. And then suddenly he jumped into the copper kettle and gave himself a push. And the kettle went rolling over and over, with the little pig in it.
When the wolf saw the kettle coming rolling toward him, he was so frightened that he turned and ran back home without going to the fair.


The next day he stopped at the little pigs house and told him how frightened he had been by a great, shining thing that had rolled down the hill toward him.
Then Brownie laughed and laughed, and said to the wolf: Ha! I frightened you, Mister Wolf. I had been to the fair and bought a copper kettle, and when I saw you coming I got into it and rolled down the hill.
This made the wolf so very angry that he jumped up on to the roof of the little pigs house and started to climb down the chimney.
When Brownie saw this he made a blazing fire in the fireplace and hung the copper kettle over it full of scalding water. And just as the wolf came down the chimney, the little pig pulled off the cover of the kettle and plop! Into the scalding water fell the wolf.


So Brownie boiled the wolf, and then went out and rescued his two brothers, Whitey and Blackey, from the forest where the wolf had been keeping them.
And they all lived happily together in the little brick house forever afterwards.










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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She lived at the edge of the forest with her family. One morning, while she was picking flowers, Goldilocks wandered into the forest and lost her way. She was very frightened, but then she saw a friendly little cottage in the distance.

The friendly little cottage belonged to three bears. One was a great big Papa Bear, one was a middle-sized Mama Bear, and one was a tiny little Baby Bear. That morning, the three bears decided to take a walk while their porridge which tastes like oatmeal was cooling. It was too hot to eat! Right as they left through the back door, Goldilocks came in through the front door very quietly.

The first thing she saw and smelled was the sweet, steamy porridge. I sure am hungry, Goldilocks said. Ill just have one bite.First, she tried a spoonful from Papa Bears great big bowl. OW! she yelled, TOO HOT! Next, she tried a spoonful from Mama Bears medium-sized bowl. Brrrrr! TOO COLD! she complained. Finally, Goldilocks tried a spoonful from Baby Bears tiny little bowl. YUMMY! she cried. THIS IS JUST RIGHT! Goldilocks ate the entire bowlful.

After running around the forest all day, Goldilocks feet were sore. I need to sit down for a little while to rest my sore feet! she thought. First, she sat in Papa Bears great big armchair. TOO HARD! she screamed. Goldilocks stomped to the next chair.Next she sat in Mama Bears medium-sized chair. It was so soft that she sunk in! TOO SOFT! she complained, as she pulled herself out of the cushions. Finally, she sat in Baby Bears tiny little rocking chair. JUST RIGHT! She laughed, but the chair soon broke.

With nowhere to sit, Goldilocks climbed up the stairs to find somewhere to sleep. She was still very tired. First, she tried Papa Bears great big bed. TOO HIGH! she yelled. Then, she tried Mama Bears medium-sized bed. TOO LOW! she screamed.

Finally, she tried Baby Bears tiny little bed. JUST RIGHT! she sighed. Then Goldilocks fell asleep and dreamed dreams of flowers and warm cookies.

Just then, the three bears returned home from their walk. They saw spoons in their porridge, and were very surprised. Whos been eating my porridge? asked Papa Bear. Whos been eating my porridge? asked Mama Bear. Whos been eating my porridge and eaten it all up? cried Baby Bear. Then, the three bears saw that their chairs had been used. Whos been sitting in my chair? Papa Bear howled.Whos been sitting in my chair? wondered Mama Bear. Whos been sitting in my chair and BROKEN it? squeaked Baby Bear.

The three Bears ran upstairs to check their bedrooms. Whos been sleeping in my bed? Papa Bear roared. Whos been sleeping in my bed? growled Mama Bear. She was a little angry and a little worried.Whos been sleeping in my bed and is STILL HERE? Baby Bear screamed. He said it so loudly that he woke Goldilocks up.

She was so frightened that she jumped out of bed, then jumped out the window, and raced through the forest until she heard her mothers voice. Goldilocks was so happy to see her mother that she promised to never wander through the forest alone again.

The next day, though, she realised she did something wrong by trespassing the bears house and using their stuff without permission, so she felt sorry and went back to apologize to them. She knocked at the door politely this time, and Mama Bear appeared before her right away: Hello", Goldilocks said frightened, "I am very sorry about yesterday, what I did was wrong. I ran away because I was scared.
Its, ok, dear, dont worry, come inside to meet the rest of the family. Mama Bear told the other two bears about Goldilocks apology and they were glad to have her company. They became very good friends from then on and Goldilocks kept visiting them as often as she could.


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ǫŹ Ф ҸԵʹ

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Air New Zealand partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit inspired Safety Video. It features cameo appearances including Sir Peter Jackson. Visit //www.airnzcode.com/hobbitmovie to Find and Unlock the Elvish Code for your chance to win one of six double passes to the World Premiere Screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in New Zealand on the 28th of November 2012



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駹 ׺ͧҡʷѧçͧҾ¹ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 觨Щ͹ѹҤж֧ ҧ¡úԹ֧͡ʹ¡úԹʹ֧ٴѡͧ

ʹ Ѵý¡õҴͧ ǫŹ ԴҸԵͧ¡úԹ ҧä·ҹͧ յ 줪ͻ ͧѧ͡Ẻͧ觡 ෤ԤҾ¹ҡҾش Ϳ ԧ 3 Ҥ ѧ ѹ ӡѺҾ¹õʴԴҸԵ »ҡ㹪ǧҷշ 1.39 - 1.42 ͡餹繤˹ ͹ǹµ ֧ ´ Ťչ Źͧ... Ťչ оѹǹͧ

駹 ʹ Ǵ ԴҸԵǹ»ЪѹҾ¹Ҥͧ ͺԷ 觨Щͺȹ㹡اԧѹ㹻͹Ȩԡ¹


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The Fox and the Grapes

The Fox and the Grapes

One hot summer's day a hungry Fox saw some clusters of ripe grapes hanging from a vine. But the vine on which the grapes hung was too high for him to reach.
Drawing back a few steps, he took a running leap at it, but he missed the bunch. Again and again he tried, but in vain. At last, he had to give it up, and walked away with his nose in the air, saying, "They must be sour."

It is easy to despise what you cannot get.



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