2010-06-01 Oregano
The restaurant is “Oregano Home Cooking”
Nandakwang Garden Mall 99/8 Moo 5 Kongcholpratan Road, Suthep, Chiangmai 50200. It has been open about 6 months and Nop and I have eaten there 3 or 4 times. They have predominantly southern Italian food but also some other specialties. Their rolls are to die for and she makes her own version of pate’ that both Nop and I love and always order. They have great salads also. It is in a house and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Paul’s ratings:
Food Quality 8
Service 8
Ambiance 8
Value 9
Average meal excluding alcohol 200 baht per person.


Directions: From Kad Suen Kaew follow Huay Kaew Road towards the mountain. At the Canal Road turn left going south. Follow past Suthep Road and continue approximately 4.5 kilometers from Huay Kaew Road. You will pass the B2 Hotel (formerly Best Western) on your right. Make your first u-turn past that and go back towards Huay Kaew Road a very short distance. On the first soi on the left, turn left about 10 meters then turn right into the first soi on your right. Follow that to the end and the restaurant is right in front of you.

From the left... Khun Rojanan (Rose) - the owner, Khun Ben, new waitress and Al who introduced us to the restaurant.

Dining out at “Oregano Home Cooking” was a really nice evening. Fifteen people reserved and one cancelled the last minute and has been taken off the mailing list for six months. There were fourteen of us and two were new comers that seemed to enjoy it. The service was slow but the conversation was good and most people stayed and talked even after they finished dinner. Rose came out afterwards and Al Trussell introduced her and everybody gave her a big hand. I also thanked Al for showing Nop and I this restaurant.

I asked Brian Baxter who does restaurant reviews in the Chiangmai Mail to try Oregano. He went last Saturday night and when I saw him Tuesday he said, “This could become one of my regular places to eat.” You’ll see a review of Oregano in the Chiangmai Mail on July 6th.

Paul Schoenkopf.

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