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Can these strategies help 7-11 compete with Lotus Express successfully

Hypothesis Statement: Increase the percentage of food sold, open food shop named Kudsan next to 7-11, and allow blue flag pushcart to be in front of the store can help 7-11 compete with Lotus Express successfully

Topic Category: Product strategy

Publication: Manager Online

Date: November 3rd, 2005

Article Summary:

7-11 focuses more on suburb areas and implements strategies to fight with Lotus Express.

7-11 sees Lotus Express as its big competitor that has larger store and provides more variety of products to the similar target customers. Therefore, 7-11 are now trying on its new strategies. Firstly, it opens food shop named Kudsan next to 7-11. Secondly, the percentage of product sold in the store is changed from 70% of food products and 30% of non-food products to 80% and 20%, respectively. Also, it asks the Department of Inland Trade to let blue flag pushcart selling foods in front of 7-11s store.

My Opinion:

I partly agree and disagree with those decisions made by 7-11.

Although I think that 7-11 and Lotus Express are not direct competitors because they have different characteristics (size of store, target customers, numbers of stores, etc.), both of them are still retail store. I agree that 7-11 should do something in order to protect its customers from Lotus Express.

From all those strategies 7-11 plans to do, it implies that the company will focus more on foods. However, it brings both advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, 7-11 tries to differentiate itself by heading toward food products. However, many people perceive 7-11 as the convenience store that they can come and get anything for daily life (for example shampoo, detergent, cigarette, stationery, and many other things), not food shop (like Food Land or Food Lion). If 7-11 focuses even more on food products, it may lose customers who buy non-food products. Secondly, I think Kudsun and blue flag pushcart are overlapping strategies as they are both selling foods. Also, the blue flag pushcart will turn in front of 7-11 to be messy with tables, stools, and people. In addition, it can probably lower the 7-11s image.

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Can Twin Lotus be successful in beauty segment

Hypothesis Statement: Twin Lotus can be successful in beauty segment by changing its brand image

Topic Category: Brand Image

Publication: Than Settakit

Date: October 16-19, 2005

Article Summary:

Twin Lotus toothpaste changes its image to compete in beauty segment.

Twin Lotus will have more product lines in personal care products (shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel). Also, the company will change its brand image by using new product formula (still focusing on herb) and new packaging to gain customers from beauty segment.

My Opinion:

I partly agree and disagree with Twin Lotuss decisions

From the news, it implies that Twin Lotus is now successful with its products and wants to do expansion. I agree that it should expand its business to other personal care products because they are close to its core business.

However, I think its quite hard for Twin Lotus to be successful in changing its image due to two main reasons.

Firstly, it stated in the news that most Thai people perceive herb products as for curing. Therefore, its not a kind of beauty products. However, Twin Lotus tries to combine herb and beauty together. Changing this kind of perception is very hard, taking long period of time and may be not worth. Also, the customers can get confuse with the image of the brand.

Secondly, its name ͡Ǥ in Thai is perceived as non-modern products. Although the company tries to change it to Twin Lotus, the perception is still the same. For sure, most modern people wont buy this brand because it doesnt represent their own style.

In my opinion, what Twin Lotus should do is continuing Twin Lotus brand name with new product lines that focusing on herb. If it wants to play in the beauty segment, it should build up new brand. One good example can be LOreal that has 3 brands in different segment of consumer products, which are LOreal (Paris), Garnier, and Maybelline (New York).

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The sport marketing strategy of Vitamilk

Hypothesis Statement: The sport marketing strategy will help Vitamilk strengthen its brand image

Topic Category: Marketing Strategy and Brand Image

Publication: Manager Online

Date: October 25th, 2005

Article Summary:

Vitamilk restructures itself to block Foremost from the beginning and protect its share in soy milk market.

As the growth rate of soy milk market is very high (21%), there are many milk companies who want to enter this market, for example, Serm Suk, and Foremost. Therefore, Vitamilk restructures itself and plans to do sport marketing strategy by focusing on consumers lifestyle. The company hopes that its new strategy will strengthen its brand image and protect its share from competitors.

My Opinion:

I partly agree and disagree with Vitamilks strategy.

Firstly, being an active player who responds to the new threat of Foremost from the beginning is the right thing to do. As Vitamilk is the leader in the market, it shouldnt sit still doing nothing and be careless about new competitors. Also, it is easier to fight with new competitor from the beginning than to realize later that it steals companys market share and then start fighting. Secondly, Vitamilk also tries to strengthen itself by restructuring its organizational structure. Only the company, who can properly adapt itself with all changes, will be able to sustain its market positioning.

However, Vitamilk says that its marketing strategy will be more focused on sports. We all know that people who drink soy milk and people who play sports will be healthy, but its not related to each other. There are lots of people who drink soy milk and dont play any sports, and vice versa. Although people know that soy milk can make them healthy, they dont really know how healthy soy milk can do. As Vitamilk knows the advantages of soy milk that announced by USs FDA (reduce cholesterol and the risk of getting areca nut cancer), the company better use this information to be in part of their marketing campaign. Although there is possibility that some people who know the advantages of soy milk will come to buy competitors brand, more people still go for Vitamilk as its leader brand who acknowledge this information to the people.

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Strategies to boost Lotuss sales up

Hypothesis Statement: Very cheap price of gift basket, installment plan, and delivery services can boost Lotuss sales up

Topic Category: Pricing and Promotional Strategy

Publication: Kom Chad Luke

Date: November 18th, 2005

Article Summary:

Lotus reduces the price of gift basket to 189 Bahts.

As there is less purchasing power in this year, Tesco Lotus reduces the price of gift basket to 189 Bahts, sets installment plan, and has delivery services for the customers. For the gift basket, there will be more house-branded products inside, which can make Lotus set lower price than the last year. For installment plan, it allows customers to buy with very low interests on a loan. Also, if the customers buy more than 10 baskets, Lotus will have delivery services for them. All these strategies will help Lotus to boost up its sales.

My Opinion:

I strongly agree with Lotuss plans for many reasons.

1) From tight economic situation and rising price of many products and services while people still get the same salary as before, the overall purchasing power tends to be less. People will try to pay less than they did. However, for many people, buying gift basket for relatives, friends, and customers is still a must. As Lotus has a promotion of very cheap gift basket, they will go for it. On the other hand, some customers, who dont want cheap gift basket with house-branded products, can also select their own from the price range of 189 to more than 5,000 Baths.

2) The installment plan of Lotus can make the customers buy more than they may do. Usually, people have to save up their money for buying gifts in the new-year celebration. Some people may save up too little and some may not even think about it. When the time of buying gifts comes, they just spend what they have or borrow from other people. Installment plan can make them buy more because they will think that they can pay it forward with very low rate of interest offering by Lotus.

3) Some people, who want to buy many baskets, but have the problem with carrying it back home, may buy less than they want to. Therefore, with this delivery services, some people may buy more, which also means more sales of Lotus.

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Oishis smartcard with Spider marketing strategy

Hypothesis Statement: Oishis smartcard with Spider marketing strategy will increase the number of its members and create more customers brand loyalty

Topic Category: Marketing Strategy and Customer Loyalty

Publication: Manager Online

Date: November 2nd, 2005

Article Summary:

Oishi uses 10 million budgets to launch its smartcard and put new menu on Chinese-Korean-Japanese foods.

The marketing strategy of Oishi in 2006 is to bring all restaurants in Oishi group to do co-promotion through its new smartcard. The strategy is called Spider marketing, which has the main objective of creating more customers brand loyalty. This smartcard, which was planned to launch in the beginning of 2006, will have the same characteristic with debit card and also keep the customers information inside.

My Opinion:

I agree with Oishis strategy because of many reasons.

1) The smartcard will help Oishi knows more about the preferences of each customer because it keeps all customers record inside. The company can use those data to do further research to forecast the trends and innovate new products and services.

2) As Oishi has a plan to do CRM, the data in smartcard will transfer to be very good database for the company to better serve and aim for customers most satisfaction.

3) Not only keeping the data inside, Oishis smartcard can be used as a debit card for all alliance shops and restaurants (spider marketing strategy). Most customers will perceive that this smartcard make their life easier. They dont have to carry lots of member cards from many shops and restaurants when they go out. Also, it would be so easy for the customers who use it as a debit card because they can just pay and get discounts by giving only one card to the personnel.

Although its not late for doing new things, I think Oishi should have implemented CRM long before. I dont know how Oishi can handle 40,000 members effectively without CRM in the past.

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