Everything is logical.


Very popular nowadays is the idea of unlearning. I would say how it's very important is because what you have learned can have enormous impact to your experiences, let alone the process of thought.

Let start with this. As the crimes rise nowadays, when almost everybody says "How monstrously can he do that?", it practically means "How mercifully could I have done that?". This can show how narrow their mind is. What should have happen may be thinking like "What condition in this universe can he do that?" than "What heavenly condition in my world could he do that? (Like you come from heaven and he is from hell!)". It's (also) a pity for me when I see people keep alternatingly pitying others OR hating others all the time. Ironically, you'd be better keep pitying AND hating others ALL the time, because those are always present whether or not by your witness. And both 'others' are the same 'others', the difference is trace. Can we really manipulate those traces? Can you even manipulate your thoughts to be hardly deviated toward my reasonable logic? Should we better concentrate more on the big picture?. Those are just results, not causes of the chain of problems. Broadening your mind is the point.

Extendingly into some logical way of disagreeing knowledges, it is much better for you to understand some opposite way of thinking than keep digging through what is your strength (more accurately a strong bias). Examples are progressive or conservative, capitalism or socialism, globalism or nationalism, heavenly way or monstrous way (just example!). Even if your goal is to be more persuasive about your standpoint, it should help. But the most important thing may be to prevent or prepare from diverging or reversing world, which is practically happening.

Immediate effect of these is more balanced peaceful mind. Further effect may be more chance of success, inclusively, hopefully.


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Last Inaugurate

I believe in alternative ways. It shade some lights of freedom.
How do you know if you like what are you doing when you never consider alternative ways?
Nowadays, alternative ways are like luxury. But it's just because you don't know how to design, or even think about it.
Worse, people who should have been able to think never do and keep asking the same question.
I don't know whether what I do is right but at least it a trial.
What do you expect at the end about what the difference?
How do your legacies or footprints matter if they are just the same?
How it helps humanity for better if you do what have been done for thousand years and still plenty of problems, or worse?
Keep expecting differently while doing the same is absurd.
Don't thinking about or pretending to be non-sufferer are probably worse, because thinking or talking about it is the best we can start.
Again, I also don't know. At least I know that.
And I keep reading, because it's most economical way of pursuit.
Some said tacit knowledge, even in forms of demonstration, is available now. What you need is just some logic to interprete.
Let the bell rings.



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Second Inaugurate

Conditions usually increase problems.
Solutions decrease ones.
The hardest part is that solutions usually need conditions.
Just like untie the knot, you just need to know which ones are solutions and which ones are just conditions.


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First Inaugurate

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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