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5 Best Places To Visit In Italy

If you travel to Italy, you will know that heaven really exists. The country has one of the most varied and beautiful landscapes in Europe, the largest accumulation of art treasures in the world, a relatively gentle climate, and delicious and authentic national cuisine.

There is also a huge cultural heritage. There are the remains of the Roman Empire throughout Italy, most notably in Rome, while Tuscany alone has more classified historical monuments than any country in the world. And every region retains its remnants of an artistic tradition, considered among the world's richest arts.


Here i have mentioned 5 Best Places to visit in Italy. Read on….

  1. Vatican Museum in Rome
    Vatican Museum
    There is no shortage of museums in Rome. However, the world has nothing that rivals the Vatican museum, home to some of the world's largest and richest collections of art and culture. You'll struggle to see everything in just one visit, so that the features you really shouldn't miss are the Raphael Room and the Sistine Chapel by Michelsteino with its world famous sealing fresco. It will be better if you book your Vatican musuem tickets online to save your time.

  1. Duomo, Florence
    Duomo Florence
    When planning a visit to Florence, it is impossible not to penetrate directly towards the square in the heart of Florence, the Piazza del Duomo, overlooking the iconic form of the huge, extraordinary dome of the cathedral. Climbing the Duomo is a must. Be in awe of Brunelleschi's engineering triumph, and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

  1. Lake Como
    Lake Como

    Surrounded by lush green hills and dramatic mountains, Lake Como is a continuous stop for your trip to Italy. The vast, panoramic landscape is slowly swayed between the coasts by boat, and you can visit the beautiful villas set in the stately gardens on the shores of the lake. The delightful villages of Varenna and Bellagio are steeped in character, and cities like Menaggio, Gravedona ed Uniti and Domaso make good grounds for excellent hiking, mountain biking and sailing opportunities.

  1. Piazza San Marco, Venice
    Piazza San Marco
    Napoleon called the Piazza San Marco as "the drawing room of Europe". Amongst this magnificent square of Venice is the Basilica di San Marco, Italy's grandest cathedral, a stunning view with its 4000 square meters of golden mosaics. Explore the gorgeous Gothic Palazzo Ducale, and climb to the top of the Campanile for a spectacular view of the city.

  1. Uffizi Gallery, Florence
    Uffizi Gallery

    For art lovers, the Uffizi Gallery is the number one attraction in Florence. More casual tourists, whether they visit the gallery independently or on a guided tour, at least want to see its highlights, including one of its most famous works: the Bottlicle's Birth of Venus. Apart from its size, perhaps the most mind-blowing thing to know before visiting the Uffizi Gallery is that it was a family private collection. More precious art rests in other palaces and villas of Italy.


And don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comment section below.

That’s it folks! Hope you will enjoy your trip to Italy. Have a happy journey!

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