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For those who are already experienced in Tai chi or who have taken an introductory course and wish to extend there training, We offer general training courses that will pick up on your previous experience and skill level and help you further develop your form and knowledge.

 ☆☆☆ One-on-One tuition is also available, as well as open- and closed-group sessions. Training can be just for one day, or for a week, a month or even a year. For over 10 years, we have had local as well as overseas practitioners from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, France, Italy and other countries who come to join us for short or long courses on each of their winter vacation. ☆☆☆

Our main focus at Taiji@Park Bangkok is on developing skills in Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, in the standard Chinese Tai Chi competition routines, in push hands and in Tai chi weapons. In addition, we also offer Tai Chi Zhang Sanfeng style.

About training :
1. The Chen style Laojia form - this is the oldest form of Tai Chi and the form from which all other styles derive. Our teacher, master Hu Yaoqi is a student of Grand Master Wang Xi-an, from Chen Village in China, the birth place of Tai Chi Chuan. In Chen style, we provide various training forms such as: 

   - the 9-posture form for beginner
   - the 21-posture competition form
   - the 73-posture Laojia form for practicing, etc.

2. Traditional Yang Style forms - Our teacher, Grand Master Zhao Youbin from China, is a 5th generation descendant of the Yang Tai Chi family. At the end of every year, we welcome him and his students to teach us in Thailand. Furthermore, we have several masters within the association (TheThailand Yongnian Yang Family Tai Chi Association) to teach practitioners every day. In Yang style, we provide many forms, such as:

    - the 28- and 37-posture competition form
    - the traditional 85-posture form for practice, etc.

3. Standard Chinese Tai Chi national competition routines - We provide training in the forms for Chinese national and international competitions, such as:

     - the 24, 40, 42, 48-posture form, etc.

4. Tai Chi weapons – We provide training in Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Sabre, Tai Chi Fan, Staff and Pole. Foe example  :

    - the 49 Chen style Tai Chi Sword
    - the 51 Yang style Tai Chi Sword
    - the 32 and 42 Competition Tai Chi Sword
    - the 13 Yang style Tai Chi sabre
    - the 42 and 48 Tai Chi fan
    - the 13 hanxiangzi short staff
    - the 30 Shao lin long pole,  etc.

5. Tai Chi Applications and Push hands.

 Chen & Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in Bangkok, Thailand.

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