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~~24 hours in Hanoi,Vietnam~~

As we had booked the ticket for this trip since Jan 07. Yes,Its quite long time indeed. Coz we got the promotion by AirAsia with 0 THB airfare & Paid only Tax & Fuel charge.

Sadly that I and my friend had only 1 day travelling due to some accident by booking. But its fine. Finnally, we were there on 11-12 May 07 and we had lots of fun, Tired.

If we had more chance, we will go there again for sure.

See you again soon Hanoi.


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Samui Island, 13-17 March 2007

**Koh Samui**

I had chance to go one of beautiful Island in the south of Thailand. There called "Koh Samui"

This is my frist time to visit this Island. The first thing made me very impressed is the airport. I was expected that they should be similar to Phuket International Airport. Unfortunately, completely difference. Samui's Airport is small but nice as the Island style. I think some of you who have been there before might agree with me.

Well, This trip is mainly for my company conference. But we had chance to do one activity together was Snorkling trip. Yes, It's incredible as my boss said. Lots of fishes indeed.

The hotel is very nice as well. We were stayed at Baan-Taling-Ngam Resort & Spa. Everythings here are very excellence ; Room, Service, OverView ect.

If I had another chance, I will visit there again.

See you soon.. Samui..

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Thailand Biker Gathering in Karnchanaburi 27-28 Jan 07

This fair is very amazing for me indeed. I've never know that in my county has so many bikers with many kind of motorbike like this before. So this fair is settle for cerabration my king 80 years.

As a picture here. This made by over 1,800 bikes and took by a photographer on helicorptor.

I've just known that they has a motorbike week and will be settle depends on the group which is nice for their society.

I'll try to join them next time but dont know where and when??heheh..


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Guilin Thailand

Have you ever heard about this place before?
I'm sure that some of you wont even hear about this place before.

There is located in the south of Thailnd in Khao Sok National Park, Surathani province.

I've been there with my friends in Song Kran festival 2005. There is very nice place and we had some activities as well. Such as; Treking, swiming, eating..hehehe..

Well, I've another plan to go Guilin Vietnam in May this year. Sadly, my trip is too short so I wont be able to visit Halong Bay by this trip for sure but I'll try to take pictures of Hanoi city to show you.

Thank you very much for visit my blog. I hope you could understand what I'm trying to tell you by here.



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X'mas 2006

As my Title name. I've been to a beautiful Island on the east coast of Thailand with my friends.

Kood Island in Trat province. This is the first time of me to visit this Island. There is my dream place in Thailand. I've plane lots of time before. Then I finally visited there. There is very very nice place and I think I choose the right place to go with right person.

The best thing that impressing me was an owner of the resort. We stayed at Analay Resort. You can see the picture here. I took it by my self.

Have a nice day..


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Hi everybody. This is my frist time making my Blog. Well,I'm trying to make it by English.

Please dont laugh at me if you found some strange or crazy English..haha..

Have a wonderful day all.
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