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18 May 09   Sent document to USCIS California Service Center

19 May 09   Documents delivered to Laguna Niguel

26 May 09   Recieved I-797C,Notice of Action ; extended for a period of one year.

20 June 09  Recieved an appointment for Biometric on July 07,09

30 June 09 Got an appointment cancelled letter

02 July 09 Got a new appointment for biometric on July 16

16 July 09 Biometric done

28 August 09 Green card has been approve.Yeah Yeah...

31 August 09 Green Card in hand

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Cover Letter

Mr.and  xxxx


United States Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
California Service Center
P.O. Box 10751
Laguna Niguel , CA 92607-1075

                                                              Month Date,Year

Re: I-751 joint petition to remove condition of status on:

Name Surname   :  A# xxx-xxx-xxx

Dear Sir of Madam:

Enclosed please find the JOINT Form I-751, Petition for removal of conditions of permanent resident status for my wife, Name Surname A#xxx-xxx-xxx. My wife  entered the U.S. on an immediate relatives immigrant visa.My wife 's conditional residence is based on our marriage and we are filling this petition together.

We are enclosing the following:

  • Money order $545.00 for the Application and Biometrics Service Fee
    Form I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
    Copy of (Conditional) Permanent Resident Card
    Copy of my wife Amonrada Framton's Passport
    Copy of our Social Security Cards
    Copies of our Identification Cards
    Copy of the translation of the Certificate of Birth for Name Surname Copy of the translation of our Registration of Marriage from Bang Rak District, Bangkok,Thailand
    Copy of the translation of our Certificate of Marriage  from Bang Rak District, Bangkok,Thailand
    Copy of the translation of Name Surname's Official Emblem Name Change
    Copy of our rental agreement (Month-to-Month)
    Copy of our Application to Rent
    Copies of our Joint Tax Returns for the Tax Years  2007 and 2008
    Copies of recent statements from our Joint Savings and Checking Accounts with WaMu (CHASE)
    Copy of our Target Red Cards Visa showing the same account and our Debit cards with WaMu (CHASE)
    Copies of  our Verizon wireless phone bills between each other
    3 Support Letters from our friends
    Receipts from KAISER PERMANENTE  that I paid  for my wife Name  after she hurt her knee on our Yosemite Vacation
    Copy of the receipt from our stay at YOSEMITE VIEW LODGE from December 13-15, 2008
    ( our address on the receipt was mistakenly taken from my ID card by the clerk, and as you can see does not reflect our current address )
    Copies of our pictures taken  between August 2007-May 2009
    Some of our cards to each other for various occasions
    Cards from our friends as well as  from her family in Thailand

We are happily living together and request that this petition be accepted for the removal of condition on the residence of my wife Name Surname.

Copies of documents submitted are exact photocopies of unaltered documents and I agree to submit original documents to an Immigration of Consular office at a later date, if required.

You are always welcome to visit our home should you ever desire to do so.

Sincerely yours,

Husband's Name Surname


Wife's Name Surname A#xxx-xxx-xxx


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Create Date : 08 กันยายน 2552    
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Valentine's Month

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