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Bann Tawai and Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai

๏~*G' day mates*~๏

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A couple days ago I just reviewed my trip in March
with Paul bear and his parent...just a first night in Chiang Mai
I have to review others day as fast as I can cause I'm not sure
When I have to go to Chiang Mai...maybe tomorrow or next day
I will be busy with Visa stuffs and publishing my thesis soon.

Next day we got up at 9.00 PM had breakfast
and prepare ourselves to Bann Tawai(The Village of Handicraft)
it is not to far from Chiang Mai city only 10 Kms
we rent a Honda car (Jazz) for 1,000 THB per day
my Pual bear always asked me
"Are you sure where we gotta go?"
...made me nervous a little bit...

Baan Tawai village was awarded OTOP Tourism Village of Thailand
because of its unique character as the wood carving village.
For a long time it became the center for various kinds of handicrafts
and the largest handicraft village of Thailand.
Baan-Tawai has also earned world-wide reputation
from its skills and craftsmanship for decades.
Nowadays it continues to deliver only
good-quality handmade merchandises

Our Jazz car

some shop at Bann Tawai

Nice shop but I have no money

Parent and Son

after we walked more than 5 kms,all of us got tired and hungry
before we back to hotel we went to my favorite place
"Love a First Bite" now it 's famous and has lot of customers

"Love at First Bite"

Hmm...which one we like

...Our favorite time...

after big picecs of cake and cup of tea
we went back to or hotel for relax
before start next programm
we went to Sunday night market at 6 PM
we took Song Teaw(red Taxi) to Thapae Gate
It is unbelievable market.We had to walk for nearly
3-4 kms from one end to the other...woo!!
Its full of people ( Thais and Farangs)
and lots of things to see,buy and bargains

English language teaching in Thailand
Aussies guys volunteer work for Tourists Police in Chiangmai

Lots of things to see and buy

nice positon dad...cool

cute little Thai girl and her show

we had walk and walk when we get tired
we made plan to have something to eat at Temple
but it was raining too bad
we changed our plan to "The Duke" Restaurant

~~ To be continue ~~

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I went to Baan Tawai many years ago. I would like to buy some stuff and brought them to NZ. However, we weren't allowed to do so by the NZ customs. It was because most of the stuff we wanted were made of wood. Pity eh!

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