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~~ Good time in Saigon, Vietnam~~

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Saigon

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I'm a bit busy with my thesis
now I just wating for defense it
Hope everything will be ok
As I always tell you guy this is my old trip
and I'm not expert in English language
cuase my Paul bear and our friend in Australia
want to read and share their thoughts with us
Hope you guy understand..and enjoy my blog

my Vietnam trip started from BKK to Phom Phen
and Phom Phen to Chau doc, Sai gon, Danang
Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam
now it's time to present Saigon's trip...

Our Great Jouney

Saigon is old capital city of Veitnam
after North Vietnam won in Vietnam War
Saigon was a history noboday call "Saigon"
and it's not capital city anymore

Sai Gon River

We stay in Hotel Equatarial District 5
I'm so lucky cauuse I get many information
from our friends in Pantip website...
the hotel we stay is in area that
Vietnamese call "China Town"
Not many local people can speak English
and the name of many places're difficult to remamber
I have to take hotel card with me all the time
I..don't want to get lost

Tran Binh Trong Street look like
rubber tree in Nong Hoi Street in Chiamgmai

First nigh in Saigon we did nothing
just went to Saigon river area
have dinner in the nice restaurant

Next day we start our trip We walked to many places
seems like motorcycle is very important for Vietnamese
I can see more than 500 bike around the city...
I do like the city cause I feel like walking in Paris

Here I am and mortocycle taxi

Some Place Saigon

Paul bear and me not worry or serious about
visit all tourists attraction..just take time and walk
when we tired we just stop and take some rest...
That's reason why we visited just 3 places as...
Notre Dame Cathedral,City Opera และ Ben Than Market

Notre Dame Cathedral

City Opera

Paul Bear at Ben Than Market

after we walk all day we went back to Hotel
finally I met Thai guy who work in Vietnam for 3 years
He helped me a lots cause I went to Vietnam by boat
and no one in Thailand do tha before
He is nice guy,friendly and gentle
He told me if Thai people visit Vietnam
he very appreciate to help them as information
nice place to stay ,nice place to shopping
at last he warn me about Vienamese in the North
cause they're not friendly as people in the South
He said I should becausful but we couldn't believe that
as long as we're in Vietnam we didn't have problem with them
if you guys want to know we will get problwm or not
you have to follow us then wait and see ok..


~~~ To Be Continue~~~

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