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Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers: Run No.838

๏~*G'day mates*~๏

๏~*Thai Version...Click here*~

You might have some question in you mind
What is Hash House Harriers
The Hash House Harriers(abbreviated to HHH or H3)
is an international group of social,
non-competitive running and drinking clubs.
Hashing has frequently been described as
a drinking club with a running problem,
and the social element of hashing is
of equal importance to the running.

My Paul bear and me joint with HHH Phuket
once time when went to see John and Yo
after ran (actually walked) I made decission
I should do something different
by join with HHH Chiangmai

but first of all I have to find out What's HHH
finally I got the answer HHH are everywhere
such as Australia, U.S.A, China Vietnam etc...
It's the big organization which the members
can run with HHH clubs all over the world
after that I tried to find information about HHH Chiang Mai
and I got it...I knew how to join with it

HHH Chiang Mai has five hashes club such as
Chiang Mai Hash House Harriers (CH3) (Founded in 1981)
A traditional Male only hash.Runs every second Monday
Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers (CSH3)(Founded in 1991)
The oldest mixed hash of Chiang Mai.
Everyone always welcome.Runs every Saturday
Chiangmai Happy Hash House Harriers (CH4)
The mixed and family hash. All welcome. Runs every Saturday
Chiang Mai Underground Male Hash House Harriers (CUMH3)
A laid back informal group. Runs every Tuesday
Chiang Mai Bunny Hash House Harriettes (CBH3) (Founded in 2001)
A "Ladies Only" Hash. Runs on the last Sunday of each month

The only one club which I always join with is
"Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers(CHS3)"
I found it on internet and very easy to contact them
you just go to "HHH Pub" at Moon Muang Rd. Soi 2
then you can ask them how to join with HHH
they have car transfer you to the place that we run every week
There are some pic from the run No.838

The car which take us to beautiful places in Chiang Mai

Run No.833 HARES: Pissed Pole Dancer and Just Cuming

our members waiting for another members coming

our youngest member(so cute)

some member might like to get drunk during the run

Here I am and our visitor from England

Time to ran..sure we're not run in the normal place
but we run in different places every week
sometime up high to the mountain
sometime down in to the water..(kidding)
that's why we call carzy run and I couldn't take camera with me
next time if I get chance to take photo I will share with you guys ok!
here are some pics after the run...

enjoy running, talking and drinking after ran

share own experiences to each other

our favorite time


after relax time we had Hash Splashes
it's time for fun, drink and do crazy things
such as sit on the ice drink cold beer or give award
for the members who do something wrong

Time for Plenty of ice cold beer

awards...for members

It's funny hun??

On the ice...

Members who bought ticket and won

after run and Hash Splashes
the members can enjoy talking and dinner
at restaurant that Hare organize for this run

there're something I really love to do
I do not know about HHH much
because I have chance to run just only 4 times...
lots and lots stories of HHH that I don't know
some members run since they was young untill now
I might be one of them when I getting old
I will have lots of stories to share with another
so you guys can share your thoughts with me about HHH
I promise I will try to take more photos of HHH
and tell you more about HHH for you guys when I can ok!!

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