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One Night in Phom Phen,Cambodia

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One night in Phnom Phen,Cambodia

This's my Vietnam trip..might be a good time review it
As you guy know I'm not an expert in English language
you just enjoy my blog and laugh with me ok

Before Chirstmas last year my Paul bear asked me
"Where do you want to travel in South East Asia Babe?"
He might thought a girl like me will say
I want to go to Singapore or Hongkong Honey!!
but he got a different answer
My Vietnam trip began in BKK
next day we got early flight to Phompenh Cambodia
Our Vietnam trip was different from the others
because my Paul bear loves to do boat trip
from Cambodia to Vietnam and I agree with him
Not many Thai do boat trip as long as I know
I didn't find any information from Thai website

because we had just only one night in Phom Penh
that's why we didn't visit Cambodia that much
We stayed at Holidau Villa Hotel
after we checked in we took taxi to "Royal Palace"

After that we had lauch at Tonle Sap River
and make plan to go visit "Toul Sleng Musem"
we spent a time at Toul Sleng about 3 hours
cause so many history about Cambodia that
we interesting and feel sad when we saw many
photos of political prisoners..and they way the die
it was cruel intention..it should not happen
then we went to "Russian market" but it was hot day
we couldn't shopping and head back to hotel immediately
Night time we had dinner at nice restaurant close to the river

Next day we got up early after breakfast we walked to
"Central market" kinda like JJ market in BKK
many styff here as clothes,Watch,shoes etc...
I took many pics for you guy!!hope you enjoy them

after shopping at Central market we back to hotle
packed our back and took taxi to Pier
took boat to Chau Doc Vietnam

It was time to say goodbye to Phnom Phen
although it was a short time in Cambodia
but it was another memories in Our heart


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