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Goodbye My Surfers Paradise

Sawasdee Ka

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This is the last blog about my adventure in Australia
I feel sad because I have to leave from Paul Bear
But we know exactly I have to finish my Master degree
and Pual bear will be busy with school break there

3 weeks in Surfers Paradise I have a great time
Paul Bear who I love,my friend "Nuch"
and our friends..Winston, warren and Beth etc..
but I never ever review about Surfers Paradise
Now it just a right time to say goodbye for it

Surfers Paradise is paradise for surfers
Blue sky and big waves..I always get up early
take a walk on the beach for and hour everyday
I stay at Aegen apartment which close to the beach
Cavill Ave and Chevron Renaissance...

many shops around here their product as Billabong
Roxy,Quick silver a bit cheaper from Thailand
I don't care about it that much but I like to take walk
especially walk to the bank with my Paul bear

I don't buy any souvenir till Nuch come to see me
She help me lot cause I have no Idea
what's the best souvenir..see I know nothing

It was a great trip in my life cause
I never ever been in aborad before
thanks for you guy that you try to read it
I will review Vietnam trip soon ok!!


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