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Boat Trip & Australian Out Back Spectaular

The boat trip with my Paul bear

๏~*Thai Version...Click here*~

first of all I want to tell you guys
this is my old trip in Surfers Paradise Australia
I have Thai version for you also just click at
"Thai Version" Then you can read in Thai

I did make my web diary a couple years ago
but never write in English now my Paul Bear
ask me to do that cause our friends in Australia
want to share their thoughts with us
that's the reason why I have to write in English
Although my English is not that good
Hope you guy understand and try to understand
my poor English..just laugh with me ok!

Since I arrivaled in Surfers Paradise
Paul Bear took me too many places
If he 's busy I always take long walk
On the Beach..not many Asian like to walk
I saw just some Japanses guys
Paul Bear told me it's the best time
to visit Australia because not too hot and cold
But it seems cool weather for me

After finished Indy Car 300 fastivel
it seems quiet and such a good time
to take boat trip in Coomera River
I'm not sure about the river's name

Houses around here seems expenssive
Big houses and nice location
Remind me about Ping River in Chiangmai
I like this trip lots cause I never have private
boat tirp like this in my life

Paul Bear show me his Parent's House
It close to the river..so beautiful
and we stop at his Friend's house
Winston..I call him Pe' Win

At night time went to see Australian Outback Spectacular
Australian Outback Spetacular is a 23 million dollars show
extravaganza capturing the grandeur of the Australian outback
I guess ticket is about 80 ASD plus dinner
Too bad I can't took photo for your guys
because they not allow to take photo
Food, wine and the show was so good
I enjoyed Australian dessert "Break Pavlova"
with a Queensland berry sauce and country cream

After I watch the show make think about
How mach Australian people proud of their country
Althoug Australia history not old like our country
Remind me about why our young kids
act like Korea,Japanese,Western people
They fogot about their root...and their culture
and when They will realize about it??


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My son, his name is Nak and he always fun boy.หวัดดีค่ะแวะมาทักทายเพราะว่าพรุ่งนี้พวกเราจะไปอินเดียอ่ะถ้ากลับมาแล้วจะแวะมาเยี่ยมอีกค่ะท่องเรือน่ะสนุกค่ะเพราะว่าแฟนเคยมีเรือยอชย์เลยไปกันบ่อยๆแต่เดี๋ยวนี้ซิ่งมอเตอร์ไซร์อย่างเดียวค่ะ555ส่วนนี้ออสเตเรียเราเคยอ่านเรื่องของ Ned Kelly เราเลยชอบเนด แต่ก้อเศร้าเกินไป

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ตามมาเที่ยวด้วยคนเป็นกิจวัตรค่ะ 555

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