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Not good not bad time in Hanoi, Vietnam

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Hanoi

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Longtime I'm not update my blog
Still waiting for my thesis and defense it soon
I still have a couple places to review
hope your guy do not boring about it ok!

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Vietnam

Our Journey

We flew from Hue city to Hanoi
after we had bad experience in Hue
we have to becareful to deal with Vienamese
Paul bear ask taxi driver about cost
that we have to pay cause we don't want problem
distance from Noibai Airport to the city about 30 min
I did check from many website it's about 10 USD

First thing we can see are bikes,motor bike and cars
We arrieved at 6.00 Pm we stayed at Guoman Hotel
after we had some rest we took taxi to Hoan Kiem Lake
Had some thing to eat and took walk before back to hotel

Next day we went to Military History Museum
In that day I had problem with the waitress
she disn't understand what did Paul bear order her
when the food coming my breakfast was the right one
but Paul bear was wrong but she too both back to kichen
then took my breakfast aroud the restaurant
and ask their customers..Who order this plate?
It made me angry cause when I cam back to me
It was cold and disease already in my food

After that we walk to Ba Dinh square
place which we can visit Ho Chi Minh mausoleum
and One Pillar Pagoda..after that we decided to see
B52 which crashed in Vietnam war by cyclo...
Paul bear did make deal with cyclo 15,000 VND for 3 places
such as B52,Some place I can't remember and Hanoi Hillton
finally he left us at the Military History Museum
Cyclo guy was mean and yelled at us...See How bad he was?
We did not take mafia cyclo anymore

after that we decided to walk till we arrived in 36 streets
close to Hoan Kiem Lake which we had dinner last night
36 streets is in old quarter which many shop around there
such as shoes, backpack,dresses,food etc...
we walked all day then we had dinner before back to hotel

We took taxi back to Hotle cause we will go to Ha long bay
but we still had problem with taxi driver cause
it was expenssive,last night we paid just only 500,00 VND
but the meter was about 80,000 VND..
Can you see Vietnamese trick?
We had problems with Vietnamese 3 time in One day
Such a good trip in Hanoi...

after we back from Halong bay
we saty at Zephyr Hotel that not to far from the lake
we can walk and shopping at 36 streets
before we went to see water puppet
I heard many Thai people talk in the theatre
after that we took taxi back to hotle
Vietnamese still cheat on us cause it wasn't far
but we didn't want problem just paid him

Next day before we head back to Thailand
Paul Bear want to visit jail that Vietgong confined
American prisoners in Vietnam War..They called that jail
Hanoi Hillton..we tried to find that places but we lost...
we walked and walked untill we saw Hanoi Opera House
and still walked but we can't find..we took taxi back to hotel
and read book about Hanoi Hillton..finally I got the answer
Vienamese call Haowa prison..Gosh!! that's why

after that we took taxi to Noibai Airport
here's my bad time in Hanoi...not good experience
but still good memories cause I was there with my Paul bear


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