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Inner peace in Hoi An, Vietnam

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Hoi An

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After I corrected my thesis 7 times
finally I have time to update my blog
I still review my Vietnam trip
hope you guy not getting bore
my Vietnam trip started from BKK to Phom Phen
and Phom Phen to Chau doc, Sai gon, Danang
Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam
now it's time to present Hoi An's trip...

Our Trip

Hoi An is a small city on the coast of
the South China Seain central Vietnam
It is located in the Quảng Nam province
Hoi An was an important trading centre
in the 16th and 17th centuries,
where Chinese from various provinces
as well as Japanese, Dutch and Indians settled down.
During this period of the China trade,
the town was called "Hai Pho"
In 1999, the old town was declared World Heritage
by the UNESCO, as a well-preserved example of
a Southeast Asian trading port of the
15th to 19th centuries,whose buildings
display a unique blend of local and foreign influences.

Wedid fly from Saigon to Danang by Vietnam Airline
after that took taxi to Hoi An it was cost about 10 USD
tonight we stayed at Life Heritage Resort which
Paul bear's friend recommend us to stay there
It's a beautiful hotel close to Thu Bon River
We arrivaled at 6 p.m. very tired but very exciting
to took a walk around the old quarter

Beautiful building close to life Resort

other side of Thu Bon River

Tonight we had dinner at a small
restaurant near Thu bon River
Thu Bon River was an important river
for trading in the 16th and 17th centuries
Tonight had some show in the old quarter
It was very queit night I don't hear
or see any motobike ride

Life style in Hoi An

The old style Hotel which still open for the tourists

In the morning we got upe early
Took a walk to morning market
lots of seafood and vegetables all fresh
I never ever see like this in Thailand

Lots of "Pho" Shop in Vietnam

Fresh vegetables..yummy

Fresh Fishes

Lifes in Hoi An

a unique blend of local and foreign influences buildings

Guess it's a temple

many art galleries there

Souvenir from Hoi An

"Japanese Bridge

After walked for a while..we got hungry
we walked back to our hotel for breakfast
Thought I was only on Asian who stayed there
we took some rest before we rent motorbike
and took boat trip in Thu Bon river
During the day many Tourists came to visit Hoi An
I heard some of them are Thai make me feel good

Vietnam Kids

Thu bon River at daytime

The River Of Lifes

Some Show from resident people

After boat trip in Thu Bon River
Paul Bear got some crazy thought
we did ride motobike to Danang city
I saw American army base on the right side
On the left side in the beach guess this area
was a beach which Americans called "China Beach"
we had just 2 hours in Danang City
we ride back to Hoi An..had dinner at Cargo Club
Tomorrow morning we will go to Hue
then fly to Hanoi City

Paul Bear andBam boo in Hoi An


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