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Choose the best answer.
1. A : Hi, _______are you ?
B : Fine, thanks, and you ?
a. What b. How
c. Where d. How much
2. Janet, Id like you to _______Dan.
a. look at b. speak with
b. chat d. meet
3. Mali teaches English in Nangrong School. She is a_______.
a. teacher b. English
c. janitor d. principal
4. Mr. Somsak works in a hospital. He is a _______.
a. teacher b. clerk
c. doctor d. nurse
5. Buriram is in the_______of Thailand.
a. northwest b. north
c. east d. northeast
6. Taksin is the _______ of Thailand.
a. prime minister b. leader
c. minister d. parth leader
7. King Phumibol has_______the throne for sixty years now.
a. taken b. been in
c. reigned d. gotten
8. We use a _______ to take photographs.
a. camera b. telephone
c. pipe d. canon
9. They always swim in the swimming_______.
a. pond b. canal
c. river d. pool
10. Sompong works in the Royal Thai Army. He is a _______.
a. policeman b. soldier
c. sailor d. postman
11. The man who comes form America is an _______.
a. U.S.A. b. America
c. American d. New York
12. Suteep always has _______ at seven oclock.
a. lunch b. break fast
c. dinner d. food
13. A woman who sells flowers is a _______.
a. flower woman b. sale woman
c. flowerer d. florist
14. John likes to _______ a guitar after school.
a. take b. play
c. get d. buy
15. After her father died she has been deeply _______ for many years now.
a. cried b. sorrow
c. sad d. sorry
16. James works in a farm. He_______trees by the pipe.
a. feeds b. plants
c. plows d. waters
17. His radio is broken. He must _______ it.
a. build b. fix
c. punch d. make
18. Tom is working in a cafeteria. He cooks food. He is a _______.
a. maker b. cooker
c. cook d. cooking
19. She always _______ her clothes on Sunday.
a. sweeps b. makes
c. cleans d. irons
20. A snake_______his foot in the forest.
a. bit b. beat
c. hit d. struck
21. He switched it off. The underlined words means_______.
a. put off b. took off
c. turned off d. got off
22. I gave up cigarette. The underlined words mean_______.
a. quitted b. stopped
c. cancelled d. gave in
23. He shut the door. The underlined word means_______.
a. filled b. leaked
c. opened d. closed
24. She made up her mind to buy a new car. The underlined words mean_______.
a. decided b. making mind
c. determined d. changed mind
25. Keep on singing. I am listening. The underlined words mean_______.
a. make b. go on
c. do d. lets do
26. There are two dogs in the cage. One is red, _______is black.
a. other b. the other
c. another d. the others
27. I will go to school if it doesnt_______.
a. rain b. rains
c. raining d. be rained
28. If I _______ you, I will go to America.
a. am b. was
c. were d. are
29. Mr. Dang didnt go to Bangkok, _______?
a. is he b. does he
c. didnt he d. did he
30. The three dogs are eating, _______?
a. are they b. arent they
c. do they d. dont they
31. Mrs. Somsri always_______to school late.
a. go b. goes
c. went d. going
32. I know the girl_______you spoke to.
a. who b. which
c. what d. when
33. This is the knife_______you cut the mango with.
a. who b. whom
c. when d. that
34. I was born_______June 24, 1992.
a. in b. on
c. during d. between
35. Miss Ladda often reads a newspaper for_______hour a day.
a. a b. the
c. an d.-
36. John sits_______Damrong and Pranee.
a. during b. among
c. on d. between
37. There are three_______in the kitchen.
a. knives b. knifes
c. mouses d. childs
38. The man who is your fathers older brother is your_______.
a. grandfather b. aunt
c. uncle d. friend
39. This book is mine, that book is_______.
a. hers b. she
c. her d. herself
40. Mr. Somchai has been in Thailand_______three years.
a. since b. for
c. by d. when
41. Mayuree and Mayara sometimes go to the theater by_______.
a. themself b. herself
c. theyselves d. themselves
42. There are_______days in August.
a. 30 b. 28
c. 31 d. 29
43. The man who serves food in the foodshop is the _______.
a. waitress b. waiter
c. mixer d. owner
44. Your book is _______ than mine.
a. expensiver
b. the most expensive
c. expensive
d. more expensive
45. Malee speaks English well. Melai speaks English very well. Malai speaks English_______than Malee.
a. better b. weller
c. best d. louder
46. Mr. Frank has_______to Chiang Mai twice.
a. go b. went
c. gone d. goes
47. I see you and you see_______.
a. I b. mine
c. me d. my
48. My son always goes to school by_______.
a. foot b. feet
c. walk d. walking
49. A : _______?
B : I am 63 kg.
a. What is your heavy
b. What is your length
c. What is your weight
d. How many kilograms are you
50. _______in the morning is the good exercise.
a. Walking b. Walk
c. Walker d. Walks
51. Wichai : Hello. My name is Wichai. Whats your name?
Malai : Hello. Im Malai. Nice to meet you.
Wichai : _______.
a. Im sorry
b. Thank you
c. Congratulations
d. Nice to meet you, too
52. A : Whats Thongchai like?
B : _______.
a. He likes watching TV
b. Hes smart and diligent
c. He looks like a man
d. He likes ice cream
53. Pam : I lost my bag.
Mam : _______.
a. Hope to meet you
b. No problem
c. Great, thanks
d. Im sorry to hear that
54. Jane : I will go to Pattaya this weekend.
Joe : _______.
a. Thank you
b. Thats very kind of you
c. Have a wonderful time
d. Hope to meet you again
55. Linda : This is the present for your birthday.
Windy : Thank you very much.
Linda : _______.
a. Youre welcome b. Im sorry
c. Thats right d. See you again
56. At the bank
Cashier : _______?
Customer : Yes, please. Id like to send $ 30 to the US.
a. Do you have money
b. May I borrow your money
c. Can I help you, Sir
d. What do you want
57. At the Bakerys
Tim : Id like to have some cupcakes, please. _______?
Assistant : 20 baht each.
a. May I help you
b. How much are they
c. How expensive is it
d. What do you want
58. A telephone call
Kesorn : Hello.
John : Hello. _______?
Kesorn : Just a minute, please.
a. Could I speak to Penpan, please
b. Is Penpan there
c. Are you Penpan
d. Where is Penpan
59. You see an old man falls down. You rush to him and say _______
a. Dont fall for me.
b. Are you all right?
c. Give me a break.
d. Have you seen a doctor?
60. A student in a computer room is having a problem with his computer. He calls the technician and says _______
a. Theres something wrong with this computer.
b. Do your job.
c. This computer has a problem.
d. Fix this computer now.
61. Your friend got a scholarship to study abroad, you say _______
a. Congratulations. b. Thank you.
c. Turn that off. d. Keep quiet.
62. You are in class and need to go to the toilet. You say to your teacher _______
a. Must I go out now, please?
b. I want to go away now.
c. Just a moment, please.
d. May I leave the room?
63. You accidentally step on someones foot. You say _______
a. Be careful. b. Thats my error.
c. Im so sorry. d. How about that?
64. You want your friend to buy you some paper for a report. You say _______
a. Give me some paper.
b. Get me some some paper.
c. Provide me some paper.
d. Deliver me some paper.
65. A foreigner asks you the way to his hotel. You dont know that hotel, so you say _______
a. Excuse me, Im getting lost.
b. Sorry. Dont know.
c. Im sorry. I dont know where it is.
d. Im afraid where is it.
66. You are in your neighbors house. You break a glass. Your neighbor says _______
a. Youre welcome
b. Take it easy.
c. How could you do such a thing?
d. Dont worry about it.
67. Your classmate is short of money and asks you _______
a. How is 500 baht?
b. Can I borrow 500 baht?
c. Lets call it 500 baht.
d. Could I loan you 500 baht?
68. You are visiting a friend in a hospital. When you leave you say _______
a. Get well soon. b. Recover better.
c. Get in shape. d. Speed up.
Shiang Hai
Read the advertisement and answer question 69 71
(Bangkok Post June 3, 2006)
69. According to this weather report, _______is the coldest place.
a. Amsterdam b. London
c. Sydney d. Seoul
70. rny stands for_______.
a. rain yesterday b. rainy
c. rain all year d. rain fall
71. The places that have exactly the same temperature and weather patterns are _______.
a. Shiang Hai and Tokyo
b. Seoul and Paris
c. Tokyo and Amsterdam
d. Sydney and Seoul
Read the advertisement and answer question 72 73
The Best Golden Retriever in Town
Golden Puppies Birth 17/6/05
Show Quality Males/Females
USA Imported Parents with Pedigree
Tel 01 - 3120712
72. Retriever in this ad means _______.
a. a kind of dog b. kennel
c. an animal hunter d. an imported pet
73. Pedigree mentioned in the ad refers to_______.
a. dogs ready-made food
b. dogs owners
c. dogs birthplaces
d. dogs breeding
The All Natural Food To Keep You Up and Going
Stress and overwork can lead to indigestion and poor appetite. Ovelin, a mixture of fine quality herbs, helps strengthen your digestive systems, improves your ability to absorb food and restores your vitality. Idea for the whole family, Ovelin keeps everyone up and going.
Available at all leading.
Pharmacies and Health Food Centers
74. Ovelin helps reduce_______.
a. stress b. overwork
c. indigestion d. appetite
75. Ovelin can be _______.
a. purchased in a drugstore
b. eaten in a food center
c. sampled in a supermarket
d. found in a fresh food market
Read this dialogue, look at the menu. 76 78
At a restaurant
Waiter : Would you like a dessert?
Peter : Id like a banana split, please.
Jane : Can I have some chocolate cake, please?
Anna : Nothing for me, thanks.
Waiter : Heres your bill.
Chocolate cake
Ice cream
Banana split
Orange juice
Fresh fruit
76. Which cost of drinks is the cheapest?
a. $0.90 b. $0.75
c. $0.70 d. $0.65
77. From the dialogue, how much do the customers pay for the bill?
a. $3.60 b. $3.40
c. $2.70 d. $1.20
78. What kind of desserts has ice cream in it?
a. chocolate cake b. cheesecake
c. banana split d. fresh fruit
Read the passage and answer the question 79 81
Newborn bears are about the size of small rabbits. After 3 or 4 months the young creatures will begin to walk. However, they are dependent on their mother for at least a year, during which time they will learn the many things they must know to survive.
79. What does the young creatures refer to?
a. small rabbits b. mothers
c. newborn bears d. animals
80. What should be the best title of the passage?
a. Newborn bears b. The Creatures
c. Wild animals d. Pets
81. When can the bears live without their mothers?
a. 3 or 4 months
b. 7 months
c. At least 1 year
d. As soon as they are born
Read the passage and answer the question 82 87
Whenever my friends daughter, Anne, practiced the violin up in her bedroom, their dog always sat at the bottom of the stairs and howled.
One day, Annes brother, Eric, had a friend over while she was practicing, and the dog was howling as usual. At the conclusion of the piece, Erics friend called to Anne, Could you please play something the dog doesnt know?
82. Anne practiced playing the violin on the _______.
a. ground floor b. roof
c. second floor d. stairs
83. The writer of this story is_______.
a. Anne b. Annes mother
c. Erics friend d. Eric
84. The phrase had a friend over could best be replaced by_______.
a. invited a friend to come to the house
b. had a big argument with his friend
c. was talking to a friend on the phone
d. finished studying with his friend
85. When Anne practiced, the dog_______.
a. always ran away
b. liked to sing along
c. usually got hungry
d. became very sleepy
86. The piece refers to the _______.
a. tale b. song
c. animal d. meal
87. Who is Eric?
a. Annes brother b. Friends daughter
c. Annes friends d. dogs
Read the passage and answer the question 88 90
Taffy was a thief.
Jake was a thief, too.
One day Jake saw some pictures in the newspaper.
There are some diamonds in one of the room of the big house on the hill, Jake said. Lets go the house tomorrow night. Lets steal the diamonds. Good idea, said Taffy. Were going to be rich.
88. What did the thieves want to steal?
a. pictures b. newspaper
c. diamond d. a house
89. When did they go to the house?
a. Tomorrow night. b. In the afternoon.
c. In the morning. d. Tonight.
90. What should be the best title of the story?
a. Taffy
b. Diamonds.
c. The Thieves.
d. The House on the Hill
Read the advertisement and answer question 91 92
a. Thai b. Thailand
c. England d. Britain
a. English b. Single
c. One year d. March 1983
93. Which notice can not be seen in the cinema?
94. Its Peters birthday. He has got twelve packets of nuts. He has got six friends. He gives _______packets to each friend.
a. one b. two
c. three d. four
95. Bangkok was called the Venice of the East _______it used to have many canals.
a. however b. becausc
c. if d. when
96. A : Is Narin free at wwo thirty? We have a meeting.
B : No, he has an appointment at that time.
Question : Can Narin go to the meeting?
a. No, he wont be able to.
b. Yes, he can.
c. No, he has a meeting.
d. Yes, he has an appointment.
97. Guest : _______.
Host : Im glad to hear that.
a. The room is very crowded
b. This is not what I expected
c. Id really like to leave now
d. Im having a good time
98. Who lost the match?
a. Yes, it was Dennis.
b. Dennis did.
c. I think I dont know.
d. No, Dennis didnt lose the match.
99. How long does it take to get there?
a. About 200 miles.
b. About 2 hours.
c. Yes, it takes a long time.
d. No, it doesnt take long to get there.
100. The Swedish team was_______by the German team by the score : 0 : 2.
a. beaten b. bitten
c. won d. lost

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