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Sunglasses for women: which are the best of 2021?

Sunglasses are an accessory that can add the finishing touch to any great outfit. However, the main reason they should be used is to protect our eyes.

Good sunglasses equipped with ultraviolet hindrance capabilities are desirable and prevent the sun's rays from damaging the eyes and also help with better vision in high natural light.

According to "Global Burden of Diseases from Solar Ultraviolet Radiation ", by WHO, one out of five blind people is suffering the condition due to inadequate or excessive sun exposure.

Are you thinking of buying fashionable women's sunglasses that also protect you?

A great mix of fashion and protection is the women's cat eye sunglasses mirror lens. Sunglasses for women are not only a fashion accessory, but they are essential to take care of the health of eyes against the harmful radiation of the sun. You must use them daily, regardless of whether the day is clear or cloudy, and also during the winter.

When buying sunglasses for women, you should take into account their protection against UV rays, their sunscreen, and the coating of the lenses, among other factors.

Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women:

It is well known that oversized lenses are being used a lot as a complement to outfits.

At Wicker Tender you can find a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes of sunglasses ideal for any type of face.

They protect against both UVA and UVB rays and are recommended for outdoor activities such as walking, driving, traveling, among others

What You Should Know About Women's Sunglasses:

Let's look at things you should know before buying a pair of sunglasses.

Why is it important to wear sunglasses?

Sometimes we are not aware of how crucial it can be to wear sunglasses, so sometimes we make mistakes, either by not wearing them when we should or by wearing ones with too little protection.

These are the main reasons why its use is recommended:

They protect us from ultraviolet rays. Good sunglasses for women should filter at least 95% of these rays and we have to use them both in summer and winter.

They take care of the health of our eyes, which are very delicate. The crystals must be of good quality so that they do not damage the retina.

They keep the eyes moisturized, which can become dry from high temperatures, heating, or air conditioners.

They protect us from external aggressions, such as dusty wind, and prevent damage to the eyelids.

They increase driving safety, since they improve vision, prevent glare, and contribute to good concentration.

They prevent the appearance of crow's feet, as they save us from squinting when there is too much sun.

How do sunglasses work?

Concerning its protection, we must distinguish between luminosity and ultraviolet radiation. When we talk about filters with categories 0 to 4, we refer to the percentage of light that they let through.

This means that the vision will be more comfortable, but it does not prevent certain damages.

However, we cannot ignore ultraviolet protection, which must always be 100% to avoid irreparable damage to the eyes caused by solar radiation.

The color, darkness of the glass, even or the type of lens are not related to their ability to protect from the harmful effect of the sun on the eyes.

Therefore, it is recommended to things other than style and fashion when buying a new pair of sunglasses. 

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