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At first I want to request all of you; don't check my grammar, please. I just want to talk about my story and want to put right down in English for forwarding to my instagram.

I take time about 3 hours a day in the morning for push up and dumbbell lift up. In the evening I take time about 4 hours for ABS Standing and Dumbbell Lift Up again. I touch the best feeling of No Pain No Gain as well. I proud myself and I love the way of my workout style. I follow and hardworking with my workout routines and absolutely I follow my step just the way I can do. I get a lot of happiness every time when I workout exercise.

I hope I can do the best better every day. Thanks for my soul and everything that awakes me and push my power up still now. I told myself; keep calm and do the best to build up my muscles and make the better for my stronger body. In my thought keep my life with good health with healthy food and I follow my plan about I will KEEP HEALTHY 24 HOURS too.

From now and going on, I will change my body to be a stronger one and dont give up to keep healthy 24 hours for myself stronger for fight with lupus. And this I wrote from my story; I hope to send you a big motivation to keep in good health and going on a stronger one. Trust me; dare to let your happiness begin with dumbbells and love to take time for your favorite exercise. Dont forget my motto; If I can do you will do it the best too.

Love all of you..Smiley

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