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10 sharks that are harmful to most people.

10 sharks

that are harmful to most people.

10) sharks,lemon

sharks,lemon sharks, sharks are predators that eat other foods in addition to thisthey also hunt large seabirds, squid, animals, shells, and fish for food. Lemonsharks may be harmless to humans. But if it was prodded by it. The shark, alarge yellow would not hesitate to bite you wash swipe. Here you get a bite, itmay be fatal. This is harmful to you But it was not living in Thailand.Therefore, rely.

9) shark,blue

shark, blueis referred to voraciously devour almost any stomach. Their prey except fish,anchovies, and it is also a fish McKay Forex Club, sardines, birds, seals, seaturtles, and ink shark, blue is also known that likes to attack boats. smallfish and a diver. It is our misfortune that the blue shark is found in oceansall over the world

8)hammerhead sharks.

Gianthammerhead sharks can reach lengths. 4 meters and weigh up to 680.4 kg (<-kill a) they are the eyes of the bizarre which makes visible far and wide.Hammerhead sharks are active predators that live in the water is relativelywarm. (Including Thailand to the east) It feeds on fish and squid are the main

7) tigershark, sand

tiger shark,sand tend to live in shallow water, but sometimes it can dive to a depth of 200meter tiger shark, sand can be found in the Pacific Ocean. (Including Thailandto the east), the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, east and west, theMediterranean and the Adriatic Sea. It appeared to be a fierce, scary fish inthe world. With long teeth, dry mouth round to overflowing already. To you thisis awesome It is not harmful to people, if not by punching

6) GrayShark Reef.

Shark GrayReef will be awake during the day. But hunting in the night The victims of itare fish that live on coral, giant octopus and squid, crustaceans and otheranimals. Shark species are social animals that curious. The diver can then testthe curious and capable of detecting them. However If the Sharks Gray Reef feelthat it is in danger. It is then bent to form S shark Gray Reef can be found inthe waters of Thailand and the South.

5) MetalShark's fin is short. (Read also MACO)

sharkspecies are shaped like a torpedo, which makes them among the fastest sharks.Mega Shark's fin is short, fierce, aggressive hunters. And they will nothesitate to attack when I prodded. Fishermen often he's the sharks that's offthe hook to the line and had to bite the tail hit Enter. Cute shark (??? !!!)can be found on the sea shore, far worldwide

4) white tipshark.

This whiteshark usually lives in water too deep in the sea around the world. But it oftenswim near the surface to swipe up anything that might be food. When oceanicwhite tip sharks prey together with other sharks. It often turns violent,aggressive sharks and predators that become bombarded instead. Oceanic whitetip sharks, sharks may not be fierce. But it can swim at high speed in a shorttime.

3) tigershark

thou tigershark is dangerous to the diver and the people at the pool because it is large(over 5 meters), its prey. both near and far side, and it is both curiousanimals and omnivorous actually, you tiger shark will eat anything that comesfloating through the eyes !!! And worse than it is. The shark can be found inthe seas around the world, including Thailand, almost (if not, b. I read anarticle some time ago about a tiger shark attack in Thailand)

2) greatwhite shark.

Great whiteshark is a predator fish both big and famous in the world. Shark species canweigh up to 1111.3 kg, and worse than that is that you can be found in the seasaround the world. But it would appear that the warm waters of the North andSouth America. Western Australia and a little Great white sharks have teeththat are so sharp and the other end shaped like an arrow. They use their teethto these hazards to slash flesh and torn into large pieces before beingswallowed by Kiev that

1) Sharkhead Baton (Bull shark)

shark feralspecies prefers to live in the waters. shallow and warm, where people usuallyswim. They can be found in the seas around the world, or even in freshwater tothe sea several kilometers !!! When attacked This technique Baton shark head."I hit a bite," which made it possible to get a taste and texturetorn off at the same time.

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