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กันยายน 2550
12 กันยายน 2550
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You know your room's really messy when...

- you walk up to the door and see a big cockroach sitting outside.
- the cockroach wanders up to the door, like its not quite sure whether to crawl underneath it, and go into your room or not.
- the cockroach goes under the door.
- You bend down and open your bag to try and find your keys.
- you spot the cockroach turn around and waddle back out again...

I guess my room must be really, really bad if the local cockroaches don't want to stay there....

My mission for this weekend...
- organise my stuff... work out what to keep, what to send home and what to give away / bin.
- tidy my room.
- try and work out what I'm gonna do with my life in 2 months time ??? This is the hard one, and the one that keeps me putting off doing the other two.

Must keep away from:-
- youtube
- facebook
- multiply
- hotmail
- Pirate DVD's, in fact, any DVD's pirate or not...
- books (both Thai and English)
- the crossword in the Bangkok Post
- the ร้านกินกันตาย (the nearest thing we have here to a good old fashioned greasy spoon )
- the fried banana lady in front of our building
- the fat guy who sells coffee in the lobby
- the joke and soya milk lady near 7-11
- the americans
- Khao San

And anyone and everything else that will give me yet another excuse to put off finally tidying my room, sorting my stuff out, and trying to make some sort of plan for what I'm going to do with myself in 2 months time...

I normally hate cleaning and tidying up. It's boring, and, if you haven't done it for almost a month, fairly hard work. But, this time I'm finding it especially difficult. I've been meaning to tidy my room for 3 weeks now but, every Saturday, just as I've finished my breakfast, my morning coffee and done the suduko puzzle in the BKK Post, I make excuse after excuse to myself about why I should put it off for just a few hours longer. A couple of hours becomes a day, a day becomes another, and one week later, its Saturday morning and I'm starting to invent a new list of reasons as to why it can't be done just yet.

But, time's running out. My parents arrive here in 2 weeks. They're going to expect me to have a nice, clean room and to have some stuff ( probably things that I want to keep but don't really use that often... maybe books or movies... ) that they can take back to the UK for me.

They're also going to expect me to have some sort of plan for what I'm going to do with my life, or at least a vague idea about what I'm going to do next, and, if I'm gonna stay in Thailand, for how long. As for this bit... I've got some ideas but, so far, most of the people who I've inflicted them on have listened, laughed and pointed out how impractical or downright stupid they are... Guess I'll need to do some more thinking

... once I've tidied my room.

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